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Singapore's Socio-Cultural Environment stephv73

The Socio-Cultural Environment of Singapore Compared to That of the United States

For anyone wishing to do business in Singapore, it must be remembered that the socio-cultural environment in Singapore is very different from that of the United States. In order to conduct business in Singapore successfully, these differences need to be learned and accounted for in all business transactions, in customer care, and in employee management. Otherwise, one runs the risk of offending someone, of breaking the law, or of alienating potential and current customers. This paper gives a brief overview of the socio-cultural environment of Singapore, and touches on the things that are important for an American businessperson to know before doing business in that nation.

One of the first things that should be remembered about Singapore is that education is extremely important to people there. The academic approach in Singapore is very precise. It measures an individual's capability, competence, and intelligence in order to determine how successful that person is going to be viewed, and it emphasizes good results (Maysami). This approach has a tendency to cause students to simply memorize and regurgitate information, and stifles individual creativity. This is something that should be taken into account when conducting business in Singapore. The people running other businesses one's own business will be dealing with, as well as any employees one may hire, will probably be very technical and precise in their work, but will not display a great deal of initiative or creativity on their own.

This lack of initiative and creativity can also be attributed to the high value that those in Singapore place on authority. Singaporeans, in general, have a great deal of respect and awe for authority. They are used to discipline from such authority, and they value following the law. This is also something that is drilled into them in school, and it follows most of them into their adult lives. One can, therefore, expect strict compliance with the rules from employees, customers, and business associates in Singapore. This may be good for keeping things running smoothly, but might not be so good for innovation in the company (something that can be helpful from time to time in increasing competitiveness).

The law itself is very strict in Singapore, and…

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