Environmental Systems And Changing Attitudes For The Better Essay

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Environmental Decision Making Ecosystems Approach

What is the author's main point?

The author's main point is to focus on the conflicting needs of stakeholders. He is developing an effective environmental management system to meet the conflicting interests. In these situations, Fish (2011) determined that a flexible and holistic approach must be utilized in conjunction with each other. The combination of these factors enables everyone to create a system that achieves the larger objectives of the organization. While at the same time, it is maintaining a sense of balance between the various interests in society. This is when it will be effective in reducing the adverse ecological impacts and it is taking into consideration all of the other factors that are not accounted for. (Fish, 2011)

Who is the author's intended audience?

Fish's intended audience is individuals who are in business, government, public advocacy groups and environmental organizations. Each one of them often has conflicting interests in determining how an ecological management system is developed. The author wants to reach out to these audiences by showing that there is another approach which can be utilized and take into account the various...


Once this occurs, is when a more balance is applied using a system that matches the requirements for the organization and it considers others factors beyond their scope of thinking. (Fish, 2011)

Do the author's arguments support the main point?

Yes. Fish's arguments are supporting the main points he outlined. This takes place with him detailing the challenges and the need for having a holistic eco-management system. The most notable include: elaborate interaction between ecosystem services / well-being, developing a subtle concept of culture, moving beyond ready-made communities of interest, understanding how the process involves a collaboration of different ideas, underpinning the freedom to think creatively (versus providing select choices) and combining analytics with interpretive complexity. The combination of these factors impacts all stakeholders by introducing a new way forward. As a result, one could argue that this is the key for successfully dealing with and addressing critical challenges in the long-term. This is the point these shifts will have a positive impact on everyone by taking into consideration a variety of needs throughout the process. (Fish, 2011)

What evidence supports the main point?

To support the main points, Fish uses previous studies and scholarly research to illustrate the scope of the problem. This is when he…

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Fish, R. (2011). Environmental Decision Making. Progress in Physical Geography, 35 (5), 671-680.

Schultz, L. (2015). Adaptive Governance, Ecosystem Management and Natural Capital. Proc. Natl. Acad. (112), 7348-7355.

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