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Equal Opportunity Health Care

Norman Daniels correctly argues, "If social obligations to provide appropriate health care are not met, then individuals are wronged. An injustice is done to them." The society is a body that helps to cater for the various needs of its components including the society members. Obligations are some of the requirements that are supposed to be met in order to foster equitable existence in the society. This study provides different reasons and justifications supporting the claim that people in a society are wronged if the social obligations to provide health care are not met.


There are many theories that handle on the existence and human actions in the society. The relevance of many theories is posed on how they are related to the natural course of life in the human society. Utilitarian theory gives a more previewed view of the happenings in the society as classified under vices and norms or virtues. Virtues are good deeds that result from the daily human activities in the society. With study of how this theory is relevant to the natural cause of life, it is significant to consider the separation between the different mechanisms that make a life in the society

. The essay portrays that, "If social obligations to provide appropriate health care are not met, then individuals are wronged. An injustice is done to them."

There are other theories that are related to utilitarian theory and applicable to the focus of the study exemplified. Kantian theory reflects on the nature of human activities in the society. The principle behind this theory is reflected on the natural activities that people engage while in and out of the society. Failure by the social structures to ensure people of stable backgrounds in health is a mistake that is felt by the people. Any structure or strategy exemplified in the society should be able to bring positive perceptions and results to the people in that society

The discussion of the paper will be relevant after reiterating on the circumstances that lead to inappropriate plans of meeting social health care. In order to have a summative approach of reaching all the members within the society, it is necessary to consider the essence of having a background of establishing adequate policies and strategies of improving the health care of the members. The paper will explore and bring out the fact that the society strategies and plans are obligated to provide the best forms of social health care. These health care approaches are targeted at all the people. Failure to meet this purpose, the obligations will have wronged all the people in that society

Through study and interpretation of terms and conditions of service, the paper will reflect on the boundaries of performance that will dictate performance of failure of the implanted strategies in the society. Part of the boundaries that will be expounded touch on the essence of having healthy social stratifications at all times.

Interpretation of text

According to the existence and meaning of the utilitarian theory, it is pretty to know the level of obligation and wrong done to people when the social amenities and strategies have not worked in their support. Utilitarian theory states that if the result of an act does not please or make happy the most of the population, then the act is a vice and has participated in wronging the people concerned. It is elemental to consider what is at stake in this position in order to render the theory successful and with innate meaning in the statement. It is an obligation for the people to get negative perceptions yet they had trusted on the measures in place. Moreover, the people are wronged on the fact that without their happiness, then the act has been against them. In order to make the theory practical, the people are not supposed to be wronged. They are supposed to feel the good impact of being assisted by the actions taken in the society. Moreover, the actions have an obligation to deliver positivity to the people.

The society exists as a necessity to its occupants in the world. The roles of different members of a society are categorical of the basic requirements that are supposed to make living healthier and happier for every member. Therefore, the society is obliged to fulfill its provision to the society members. Failure to cater for all the needs of the family members is a problem that leads to poor health of the members within that society. Therefore, the society needs to establish legal frameworks and strategies that are directed at establishing equitable health within the society members

I agree with the author "If social obligations to provide appropriate health care are not met, then individuals are wronged. Injustice is done to them." The society is a structure composed of living and non-living mater. The essence and completion of the society depends on what it has to offer to its elements. For instance, the author has expressed in the normalcy theory that any existence without equitable provision of the necessary resources is not a healthy living. The human society is dependent on a number of parameters that are supposed to usher equitable control of productivity and health of the participants in the society. As a way of influencing productivity and sustenance in the environment and the society, the society members depend on different approaches that are laid out to be agents of provision and change. If these agents do not fulfill the innate decisions and intentions of the people, it would have failed to live up to the expectations of the society

According to the author, it is healthy for the society members to have trust and dependence on any form of strategy fostered to increase chances of survival and productivity. The obligations are strategies that have been implanted in the society so that they can be dependent measures of productivity. These measures of productivity should be within the requirements of the society members. Part of the changes should be focused at establishing a common ground where productivity matches with the health status of the members. Failure of the structures exemplified within the society is a colossal mess to the society members. This means that any trust and obligation developed by the society members should be directed at establishing equitable measures that should not be of any nature of failure to the people.

The point of argument relies on the fact that the society members are obligated to access basic amenities provided by the strategies laid out in the society. Justice is done to them only if they are able to access the benefits of the structures they have put trust in the society. Justice is a fact that declares that every member should have the right and obligation to benefit from the health care structures put by the society members. For instance, as a child is mandated to access tender love and care from the mother so are the societies members from the structures put forth in the provision of health care. If these obligations are not met, the only justifying procedure is to call the procedure a monumental failure and refrain from it other than trying to repair its parts or sections of failure

Justice should be done to all society members with no parity and inclination. Health should be delivered to all the members without having to link productivity to the existing social differences or stratifications. Failure by the laid structures is a total failure to the individual members in the society. They will have experienced injustice out of their sheer trust for the structures established to provide health to all members. All the members within the society have the right to be part of all the systems of growth and development within that society. The elements of growth and development are categorical of the needs of establishing a common ground of performance where every element of growth is established in relevance to the existing mechanisms of development. One of these elements is the health status of the society. A healthy society means that all the people within that society are accessing the necessities of living in the society


From the notion of the utilitarian theory, members of the society are just part of the elements that promote healthy social structures. Failure to exemplify high standards of performance within the society is a direct failure of the society as people, who are obligated to receive the best results, and wronged. Therefore, there is no form of injustice done to the society members if they are not part of the strategic approaches laid out in the society. The strictures put forth in the society are a manifestation of the people's efforts in trying to end speculations of poor health and other related matters. With equitable control of the mechanism of growth and development in the society, it should be clear that every parameter extended for production is dealt with in a…

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