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Ernesto Che Guevara

Che went to Sierra Maestra, whose people were considered to be amongst the poorest of Cuba's poor. These poor peasants living in Sierra Maestra didn't have the opportunity of visiting doctors and getting treated. Thus, Che made all the efforts he could to help these people live a better life. When Che came here he was simultaneously playing two roles; one of a fighter and the other of a doctor. Initially, Che had been the medical leader and then became the leader of a small band. In spring of 1957, Che was deemed as the most trusted man of the leader (Castan-eda, 1997).

In 1958, when Batista sent a well- trained army of 10,000 to trap the revolutionaries in their mountain stronghold, Fidel and Che's army along with help of local people was able to defeat Batista's men. Che always had the support of people around him. People admired him as a leader. After declaring the attack on Havana, which is Cuba's capital he won a victory and Santa Clara. On January 3, 1959 Che entered the fortress that guards Havana and became a Cuban revolutionary hero. While entering Havana Che also became the city's military ruler. This young man of only thirty years of age had come very fast in his life. People of Cuba considered Che as the new revolutionary hero as his duty was now to guard the fortress of Havana.

Che was a good father when he was home as he took out time to play with his kids and also read to them. However, due to his time consuming business of helping to run a new communist country these moments were rare. He was a family man and cared about his family. After his grandmother passed away Che was determined to become a doctor and he started conducting research and in depth analysis on remedies to cure allergies. His mother suffered from allergies and asthma thus, after losing his grandmother whom he was really attached to he didn't want to lose his mother. People admire Che for his love of helping others and being there for them. Che even gave up his personal life at times just to fulfill his duties.

People admire Che as a hero as in the Cuban Revolution, he is considered to be an important player. Che's personality was dedicated, determined, tough and he was very clever as he knew how to get his ways out. Although, his health issue of asthma was a constant torture for him he still went on to work and never gave up. From his men he always wanted them to be organized and be disciplined with their work. The goodness of Che can be found through his intellect and the passion that he had for liberty.

Che was a man who believed that freedom doesn't come cheap. Although, he may have been a leftist, he died believing that freedom comes with a price and those beset repeatedly have got to take their fight to the gates of the oppressors. Che disliked the division between the North and South. Countries including U.S. In the northern hemisphere and Soviet Union have been dominating the poor people of South. Che believed that the people from North took what they wanted from people of South and in order to maintain their agendas they would set up puppet regimes.

More than 900,000 Cubans were taught to read by Che, also he fought against the dictatorship of Batista. Through his life Che made efforts that would improve the lives of the poor and make things better for them. In order to do so, Che treated the sick, helped build schools. Che Guevara is listed amongst the revolutionaries in Cuba, together with Fidel Castro and other leaders. He spend most of his life travelling, giving speeches and preaching his ideals of equality by socialism and guerilla warfare. Che was a Marxist who wanted freedom for the peasants. He will always be remembered for starting off the Bolivian guerilla campaign during which he died in an abandoned schoolhouse shot down by CIA trained Bolivian officers. Although, after his death he appeared as something greater as he has become an icon of the revolution in the 20th and 21st centuries. All through his life, Che Guevara took several actions that help him define as a hero. He never gave up on his life and always kept going on in search of more. Determinations and…

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