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¶ … saying has been used to death, but I truly feel that way. Things happen in order to enable discovery, to promote growth. I believe my journey in life is all about becoming stronger, forming a community, and reaching out to every person, I come across. My degree, a bachelor degree in Biology enables me to understand the physiological workings of life. It prompts me to discover things outside of myself and encourages me to want to reach people through other avenues like teaching.

Teaching is a passion of mine. I love learning and I think the best way to learn is to teach. I see it all the time. I see children and teenagers looking for guidance, for connection and I want to enable that connection so they can see the world as it should be seen, as a wonderful journey and experience. Knowledge is the key in many things in life, from careers...


I want to be that fountain of knowledge for someone. I want to teach and reach others like how I experienced it in school.

In my earlier years, I was lost. I did not want to keep going and lost confidence in my abilities. However, thanks to a couple of excellent teachers, I found myself again and realized the power satisfaction that comes from learning. Right now, I am working on my teaching license. In the future, I want to teach Biology to middle and high school students. I want to impart in them what was gifted to me when I was their age.

It may sound silly to think that a couple of teachers could affect my life so much. However, I believe it to be true that someone's small action could influence a child, a teenager and point him or her into the right direction in life. Small actions lead to bigger and great outcomes. If a teacher takes the time and energy to make a student, even just one student, understand something better or instill in that student a desire to learn, that can make all the difference not just in that student's life, but in the world. Everyone is connected whether they see it or not and everyone's actions, big or small, influence all.

I mentioned that I want to connect to people. I do not just want to connect in the educational sense. I also want to reach people that may not speak the same language. Currently, I am bi-lingual, but in the future, I seek to learn more languages. When a person knows a different culture's language,…

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