Ethical Responsibilities And Ethics In Healthcare Essay

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Ethics and Ethical Responsibilities in HealthCare

Beyond Cultural Competence: Critical Consciousness, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education

Kumagai, Arno K. MD; Lypson, Monica L. MD

Our world has become a global village, meaning that we live and work amongst people of diverse nationalities, races, religious inclinations, etc. In that regard, therefore, clinicians ought to be trained on how to effectively address not only the disparities in healthcare but also the needs of a society that is becoming more diverse each passing day. The article whose title I give above seeks to accomplish two key goals; that is, in addition to discussing the cultural competency notion, the authors of the article also:

propose that educating physicians skilled at addressing the healthcare needs of a diverse society involves not the fulfillment of a competency as some sort of educational nirvana, but the development of an orientation -- a critical consciousness -- which places medicine in a social, cultural, and historical context and which is coupled with an active recognition of societal problems and a search for appropriate solutions (Kumagai and Lypson, 2009).

In the opinion of the authors, the expected outcome would be enhanced


Essentially, the notion of justice according to Kumagai and Lypson (2009) has got to do with recognizing the unique identity of individuals in the context of cultural depth and richness. It is on this same basis that the professionalism habit must be developed -- to comprise of not only the critical consciousness of oneself but also those of others. In the words of Kumagai and Lypson (2009), as far as multicultural education is concerned, "the development of this critical awareness is a central goal."

According to Paasche-Orlow (2004), like ethical relativism, cultural competence "opposes the imperialism of clinicians' enforcing their views on others." In basic terms, ethical relativism seeks to advance the notion that nothing can be regarded…

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Kumagai, A.K. & Lypson, M.L. (2009). Beyond Cultural Competence: Critical Consciousness, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education. Academic Medicine, 84(6), 782-787.

Paasche-Orlow, M. (2004). The Ethics of Cultural Competence. Academic Medicine, 71(4), 347-350.

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