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5. Eating food that falls on ones shirt - if a person is in public, they should use a napkin to remove the food off of their shirt and have a waiter dispose of it (Dining Etiquette, n.d.).

If one is at a meal or at a business acquaintance's residence, and have just been dished up a serving of appetizing stuffed mushrooms and they are allergic to them, they should politely refuse them if they would seriously be harmed. The hard fast rule is as far as feasible. One should not make a commotion and embarrass anyone. If one suffers from food reaction or has a particular partiality, they should tell the host when they agree to the invite. At a buffet or great assembly it is very easy to pass up getting food that one doesn't consume. However, in a number of circumstances it would be extremely uncomfortable if one turned down to consume something that was presented. One should exercise their best judgment. If a courteous rejection is not probable and it's not a serious allergy, then one should not fuss. If one doesn't consume alcohol, they shouldn't falter to say so. It is completely suitable to turn down wine or any other alcoholic beverage (Dining Etiquette, n.d.).

Doggy bags can make a bad notion, and in order to be sure that one does not make one, the rule is when eating with people that are not well-known, one should not request a container for their leftovers. At business meals, one needs to put forth authority and influence, and there is something distinctly feeble and embarrassing about taking food home from a restaurant (Echlin, 2010).

Many years ago young business people were expected to have good table manners. In today's era of busy families, table etiquette is no longer practiced on a daily basis, making it necessary to educate new hires in sufficient dining manners before sending them out to be a symbol of the company at a customer lunch of business meal. There are precise rules of dining manners, and having a functioning acquaintance of them can make any executive or employee a gracious host or guest and a balanced marketing delegate of the business (McCann, 2010),

There are some vital rules that must be adhered to when hosting a business lunch or dinner. These include:

When making the original invite, be sure each visitor is conscious of the point of the meeting, the host should always let people know what to anticipate.

If using a set menu, be sure to incorporate a vegetarian dish as a choice.

The host should get there early. As the host, one wants to be the first person there. Arriving early will also give them time to confirm the table and the menu before welcoming the guests. One should be sure there is adequate seating and establish themselves with the waiter who will be helping them. This is the occasion to make any special desires or advise the wait staff of any special situations. A word to the maitre d' at this point will evade difficulties with settling the bill later. If one is hosting business customers, they will pay for the food. This can be put into place before any guests arrive so the wait staff can steer clear of potentially awkward questions later.

The host should remain by the door so they are able to welcome guests as they enter and accompany them to the table, or have the maitre d' show the guests to the table where the host will be waiting for them. It is best recommended to order anything to eat or professional skills. Table manners are thought to matter a lot. Good etiquette shows not only admiration and thoughtfulness for fellow diners, but also one's level of sophistication. These manners may even give one the edge over another candidate (Business Dining Skills for Job Seekers, 2010


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