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evidence and analysis: "The national guardsmen violated the Students right of assembly at Kent State University on May 4, 1970." The paper will describe the evidences and circumstances of May 4, 1970 in details, the analysis and the observation of the relative facts will be included in the paper so that the readers can gain effective information regarding the day in which the nation lost four lives. The paper will initially describe the Kent State University, its formation and the relative subjects, which the university offers to the students.


Kent State University, among top colleges and universities, offers educational opportunities ranging from certificate programs, associate's, bachelor's, master's, educational specialist and doctoral degrees. Kent State, located in Northeast Ohio, is the second largest among Ohio universities. Kent State, regarded as one of the nation's top 90 public research universities, serves more than 36,000 students on eight campuses. Learn more about undergraduate scholarships, Ohio scholarships and continuing education courses at Kent State." http://www.kent.edu/academics/

Kent State University is recognized world wide because it offers quality education to the students who visit this university for gaining higher education in various subjects. This university is considered as the second largest university in the Ohio, it is recognized and appreciated because the teachers and the education providers are all dedicated and hardworking, they provide the students with all the relative information and knowledge, which they know. The system of education in the Kent State University is very organized and systematic. The university consists of many professionals who are continuously involved in the task of providing quality education to the students. These professionals are very experienced and matured and they know the real worth of education.

Kent State University is an institution of higher learning located in Kent, Ohio, which is 1 hour south-east from Cleveland. It is the second largest university in Ohio with more than 35,000 students on eight campuses. Regional campuses include Ashtabula, East Liverpool, Geauga, Salem, Stark, Trumbull and Tuscarawas.The School's sports teams are called the Golden Flashes. They compete in the NCAA's Division I-A, and the Mid-American Conference.The university is best known, outside Ohio, for a single event: The Kent State massacre, when four students were shot by the National Guard on May 4, 1970." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_University

The Kent state university is an institution, which is recognized because of its quality of education and therefore, the number of students is increasing every year. The graduates who are from Kent state university are very professional and diversified in nature and they know how to handle their careers professionally. The Kent state university is therefore regarded and respected, as it is one of the best educational institutions of the state. The history and researches regarding the importance of university relates to the fact that:

Kent State also promotes opportunities for undergraduate students to enhance their professional skills through undergraduate research projects with faculty and internship programs in their field of study. The Honors College offers students with outstanding intellectual and creative ability enriched and challenging courses and programs and opportunities for close relationships with their peers and faculty. At the graduate level, students may engage in exceptional research opportunities through the 35 disciplines at Kent State that offer 49 masters programs and 21 doctoral programs, and choose from among more than 100 areas of specialization. The doctoral programs afford participants the opportunity to choose from 50 specializations." http://www.usjournal.com/en/students/campuses/kent.html

The administration and control of the activities in the Kent state university is excellent and impressive because they have hired professionals and educated people who possess the skills of controlling and management. One of the excellent advantage or characteristic of Kent state university is that it ha developed various programs for undergraduates who are willing to enhance their performance and skills so that they can get good career opportunities. These programs have been developed and implemented by the university so that more and more students can enroll themselves and can gain quality education from the institution. Although the institution is being recognized and appreciated but there is one specific incidence which is related to Kent state university and this evidence has destroyed the reputation of the university, this specific evidence was happened on May 4,1970.The incidence is as follows:

On May 4, l970 members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of Kent State University demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine Kent State students. The impact of the shootings was dramatic. The event triggered a nationwide student strike that forced hundreds of colleges and universities to close H.R. Haldeman, a top aide to President Richard Nixon, suggests the shootings had a direct impact on national politics at the conclusion of the anti-war rally on Friday, May 1; student protest leaders had called for another rally to be held on the Commons at noon on Monday, May 4. Although University officials had attempted on the morning of May 4 to inform the campus that the rally was prohibited, a crowd began to gather beginning as early as 11 a.m. By noon, the entire Commons area contained approximately 3000 people. Although estimates are inexact, probably about 500 core demonstrators were gathered around the Victory Bell at one end of the Commons, another 1000 people were "cheerleaders" supporting the active demonstrators, and an additional 1500 people were spectators standing around the perimeter of the Commons." http://dept.kent.edu/sociology/lewis/lewihen.htm

This evidence relates to the activity which was performed by the national guardsmen as they violated the student rights of assembly at Kent state university on May 4, 1970.This incident was very popular in the 1970's because it took the four precious lives of the students of the Kent state university. The researchers and evidences regarding this incident declares the fact that there were no controlling policy or any other strategy which would have stopped the national guardsmen and which would have saved the lives of the four students of the university. This incident is still remembered in the present day.

The evidences and researches shows that on May 4,1970"When the National Guard arrived in town that evening, a large demonstration was underway; and the campus ROTC building was burning, having been set on fire by protesters. Protesters prevented the fire department from extinguishing the blaze, and the National Guard cleared the campus. On Monday, May 4th, a rally was scheduled to be held at noon, and University officials attempted to inform the campus community that the gathering was banned, by handing out 12,000 leaflets. An estimated three thousand people gathered on the university commons. A group of seventy National Guard troops advanced on the protesters with fixed bayonets in an attempt to disperse the crowd. The National Guardsmen were wearing gas masks in the hot sun (obscuring their vision and causing heat exhaustion) and had little training in riot control. They soon found themselves trapped on an athletic practice field, which was fenced on three sides, where they remained for ten minutes. The Guardsmen then began to withdraw back in the direction from which they had come, followed by some of the protesters.When they reached the top of a hill, twenty-eight of the Guardsmen suddenly turned on the crowd and fired a 13-second fusillade of between 61 and 67 shots, killing four students and wounding nine. Only one of the four students killed was participating in the protest, and ironically one of the students killed, William Schroeder, who was not even involved in the demonstration, was a member of the campus ROTC chapter." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_massacre

The investigation and researches show that these national guardsmen were continuously making strategies and methodologies top attack the university and to cause them harm. And therefore, they developed a plan and implemented on this plan, which took the lives of four people. One of the most interesting evidence regarding this event is that although there were many students and teachers but there was no security arranged and due to this factor the four students lost their lives.

Since the killings of Jeff Miller, Allison Krause, Bill Schroeder, and Sandy Scheuer, both those within the government and the university have yet to tell all that they know about the events that led to the murder of four students on May 4,1970" http://www2.acorn.net/~aa378/

Even after so many years this incident is still related and remembered because of its harshness and bitterness, the researches show that now the administration of the university pay special consideration for the security and safety of the students so that this incident cannot happen again. This incident has opened the eyes of the people at the Kent state university and they are more emphasizing on the needs of security and safety. They know that they cannot bring back those four students who were killed in this incident yet they can save the lives of the others who are present and studying in the university.

On Kent State University in Ohio May 4, 1970, four students were killed by the Ohio National Guard during an antiwar…

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