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List current core clinical vendor, product, as well as version or. That your are aware of as well as the application types (a/D/T, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Nursing Documentation, Order Communication).

2. Is there a need for IS Department to anticipate the need for a third-party consulting

Assistance beyond what the is provided by the vendors for handling of any aspect of the CPOE design, implementation, as well as training

3. How can the CPOE be implemented at the laboratory? >What are its advantages in this setting?

4. How can the CPOE be implemented at the ICU? >What are its advantages in this setting?

5. How can the CPOE be implemented at the patient registry? >What are its advantages in this setting?

6. How can the CPOE be implemented at the outpatient pharmacy? >What are its advantages in this setting?

7. What certification standards are needed to operate a CPOE?

8. Can a single CPOE application be used to manage a hospital with different branches in different physical/geographical that are encountered during the implementation of a CPOE

9. What steps are involved in the implementation of CPOE

10. What are some of the latest technologies in the field of CPOE research and developments?

Evaluation tool to measure the effectiveness of CPOE orientation course material

1. Was the orientation course meaningful?

2. What concepts did you find hard to grasp?

3. Can you implement a CPOE system for managing a hospital laboratory?

4. Can you tell the various types of CPOE applications in the market today?

5. Where do you think it is best to implement a CPOE system fast before moving to other departments?.What are your reasons for this choice?

6. What is the name of the most popular CPOE application?

7. Do you support the use of CPOE in our health institutions?

8. What other functionalities doe you which to be added to the CPOE systems?

9. Can you troubleshoot a CPOE system?

10. Does a hospital require a special certification/permit to run a CPOE system?


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