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Teacher Termination and Tenure

A thorough analysis of the data presented in this case study unequivocally reveals that this particular teacher should get terminated rather than receive tenure. What is unfortunate about this fact is that this decision must be made at this particular point of time. With more time, it is quite likely that the teacher would be able to increase his or her basic competencies at a level in which tenure would be a viable option. However, since the decision must be made after reviewing the data for the teacher's third year evaluations, at this point it is prudent to terminate the teacher.

One of the pieces of evidence that suggests that termination is the proper course of action in the overall evaluation for this pedagogue is the "Time on Task Results" data. This data demonstrates that of the students for which it was possible to gauge their percentage of time spent on various tasks assigned by the teacher, that there were only two who did so at a commendable rate (of 100 and 70%, respectively). Nonetheless, the vast majority of the students spent far too little time absorbed in their allotted tasks. Most of them ranged from spending 0 to 20% of their time, while only a handful managed percentages of 30 to...


Ideally, a third year teacher should have enough classroom management and instructional ability to complete the majority of her students to remain on task more than 50% of the time.

The data obtained from the "Questioning Level Results" from a "Social Science Lesson" also imply the teacher is not as accomplished as a tenured teacher should be. Although the teacher should be commended for focusing a significant portion of her student questioning on knowledge recall and problem solving, respectively, there were three types of questions -- representing half of the question types she should have disseminated -- that she either barely did or did not do at all. Surely, a tenured teacher should ask more than half of the types of questions that she is responsible for asking.

This same lack of balance or disproportionate handling of the overall responsibility the teacher is tasked with is also demonstrated in the "Modality Stimuli" results. The teacher utilized one of three different types of modality stimuli, auditory, 92% of the time. Unfortunately, this monopolization of auditory stimuli means the teacher patently neglected the kinesthetic variety (7%), and failed to engage in the visual stimuli at all. Thus, she was only able to engage in one third of the modality stimuli for which she was responsible, which is simply not enough for a teacher to achieve tenure.…

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