Explanation And Description Of The Delta Mu Delta Digital Badge Research Paper

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Badge Name -- The eponymous Delta Mu Delta Honor Society's Performance Excellence Digital Badge recognizes honorable academic performance in business administration.

Type/Category - What type is this badge: attendance, participation, learning, existing skill, achievement, association, etc.

The Delta Mu Delta Honor Society's Performance Excellence Digital Badge commends academic prowess, measured by both alpha-numeric grading and also by instructor commendation.

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge acknowledges what?

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge acknowledges quantifiable academic excellence. There are additional digital badges available to Delta Mu Delta members for the number of blog posts covering critical business issues, philanthropy, and outstanding entrepreneurial performance.

Description - a tweet-length description; work to distinguish the Delta Mu Delta badge from other badges.

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge sigil is a key with a triangle and a ship, distinguishing it from other badges.

5) Criteria - The required steps to acquire a Delta Mu Delta badge. How this is meaningful to the earner and a University

The criteria for earning a Delta Mu Delta badge includes a grade point average above a number pre-determined by the society, and written commendation or recommendation from key academic advisors, instructors, or outstanding...


The criteria are measurable as well as qualitative in nature, making the badge meaningful both to the earner and also to the university or institution hosting that earner.

6) Evidence - Linked evidence and date of evidence

The Delta Me Delta initiation ceremony is offered online for public viewing at the following URL: (http://deltamudelta.org/download/faculty-adviser/Induction%20Ritual.pdf). The fraternity's website is also useful as a source of information and evidence on the society's bylaws, including those related to badges at (http://deltamudelta.org/about/society-bylaws/)

7) Assessment Type - Rubrics for attaining the Delta Mu Delta Badge

No formal rubrics related to the attainment of the Delta Mu Delta digital badge have yet to be published, but the criteria are simple and linked directly to grades and instructor comments. Instructors receive rubrics that include criteria such as performance in classes, performance in oral and written reports, and participation in real-world community and business activities including internships and philanthropy.

8) Levels - Does the Delta Mu Delta badge have levels? For example, Information literacy level 1, level 2, 3, etc.How does the earner level up?

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge will have levels that reflect the depth of involvement of the earner with the local business…

Sources Used in Documents:


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