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external communications, internal communications such as memoranda require careful organization and accuracy of expression in their content. Although memoranda are frequently used by individuals within an organization to communicate, they are also used as part of the working papers and for the record, and these different types of communications are discussed further in this chapter.

Memos: Some Basic Principles

The organization of memoranda depends on the subject matter. Typically, memos are shorter in length than external communications, but in some cases they can run to several pages or even more. In any event, the type of organization will depend on the type of information that is being communicated, but the basic components include date, recipient, sender and subject. The other parts of memoranda are discussed further below.

The Parts of a Memo: Organizing for Coherence

As with other types of report writing, memoranda usually include an introduction that describes what follows, a body that communicates the main themes and a conclusion that restates what has been communicated. For shorter memos, though, a complete restatement of the main themes may be unnecessary. In fact, brevity is the key to successful memo writing. In some cases, including sections entitled "summary" or "recommendations" is also appropriate. The tone of…

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