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A) The Amur leopard is considered to be critically endangered as per population data maintained by the World Wildlife Fund. This particular cat is mainly found in the Russian Far East and is known to be largely solitary. As of the year 2007, there were only 30 Amur leopards left in Russia’s wild. In other parts of the world, i.e. in China’s adjacent areas, only 8-12 cats remained.

The Amur leopard, according to the World Wildlife Fund, is threatened by aggravated poaching – with poachers largely targeting it for its attractive, spotted fur. For instance, according to the fund, an investigative team in Russia, in 1999, found skin for a male Amur leopard going for as much as 1000 USD. The price has perhaps tripled over the years, further enhanced by the cat’s increasing rarity.

Various efforts have been put in place to prevent the extinction of this beautiful cat. The antipoaching brigade in Russia has stepped up its efforts in recent times to protect the Amur leopard from poachers, particularly in Lazovsky State Nature Reserve, a well-established Amur leopard habitat. The World Wildlife Fund also “supports antipoaching work in all Amur leopard habitats in the Russian Far East and...


The efforts seem to have borne fruit with the current population of the cats estimated to be more than 60 (up from about 40 in 2007). (235 words).

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I did investigate my own family’s history by contacting several of my relatives including, but not limited to, my parents and grandparents. From the information that I gathered, in general, the size of the families (with regard to the number of children) has shrunk over time. My grandmother pointed out that they were a total of five siblings in their family. She observed that most other families at the time also had around the same number of children – with most of the families she was familiar with having 3 – 5 kids. This was back in the 40s and 50s. My mother and father, on the other hand, came from families comprising of 3 and 4 children respectively. They were both born in the 70s. My dad points out that during the 70s onwards, family size seems to have shrunk. I am in agreement…

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