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The author of this report has been asked to review an article on a ministry-related website and offer a retort or support for the message extended and explained on that page. While the page seems to be fully educated and informed in many ways, the page exudes anti-psychology animosity that very much mirrors and patterns itself after the anti-Christian rhetoric that is spewed by many scientific minds and/or psychology experts. While the AWMI article makes some good points but it's an overcorrection from the anti-God sentiments on the other side of the argument.

As noted in the introduction, the AWMI article is not entirely bad. However, it delves a little too much into being simplistic and anti-psychology. Further, there is more than enough room for both psychology and spirituality (of any sort) to exist side by side. Both sides have some valid points and both sides have some benefit. For example, the AWMI article has four points about halfway down that are (mostly) on point but are themselves the same thing they claim they are not. For example, people do indeed blame their environment...


This is often use as a crutch to explain or justify bad behavior and it happens entirely too much. For example, someone growing up in the inner city might be expected to be more prone to sell drugs to get by but it is very hard to explain and justify someone that robs a store, shoots people or joins a gang as that behavior is less about surviving and more about simply being a predator with no regard to the feelings and safety of others.

However, someone that is raised around depravity and abuse is going to have a very different perspective and way of thinking than someone who is raised in a supportive and peaceful environment. It is like suggesting that sneaking up (even accidentally) on a person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder should not be so reflexive when they are startled. To suggest that someone would not or should not be changed by bombs dropping all around them or being shot at as compared to someone who experiences none of that is beyond silly as compared to reality (Krause, 2009). Similarly, many football players, professional wrestlers and others have been proven to have suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). These people…

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