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Technology at Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is an American multinational corporation that operates in the oil and gas industry where it has developed to become the fifth largest business organization by revenue across the globe. The growth and profitability of this company since inception can be attributed to various factors including technology used for domestic and international business environments. Similar to most of the companies in this industry, Exxon Mobil utilizes hard and soft technology for domestic and international or global environments. The hard technology used by Exxon Mobil for domestic and global environments include ongoing product and process improvement in order to meet the evolving industry needs ("ExxonMobil Chemical Demonstrates Technology Leadership," 2009). This process includes developing and/or identifying applications that help the company to accomplish its various objectives. The invention of suitable applications for varying business processes and practices has been a critical success factor for the company. In contrast, the firm's soft technology for domestic and global environments...


One of the technology barriers for this company in both environments is the inability to embark on comprehensive technology development. While the company conducts extensive research for its technology development, it lacks the capacity to engage in large and lengthy technology development for specific business practices and operations. Secondly, most of the company's technology investments have no guaranteed results or outcomes because of difficulties related to deployment. Therefore, Exxon Mobil faces challenges relating to technical and commercial feasibility of its technology investments ("Technical and Commercial Feasibility," n.d.).

In light of these technology barriers, the company utilizes a strategy that is geared towards enhancing business processes and operations as well as protecting its technology. Exxon Mobil has primarily relied on research and development as a crucial measure for enhancing technology and commercial feasibility and dealing with these barriers in domestic and global environments. Through this strategy, the company uses the barriers as a means for obtaining significant insights that lead to better business decisions. Research and development enables Exxon Mobil to identify suitable measures for improving and protecting technology through examining systems and materials in its various business processes. Moreover, this strategy also entails examining various aspects of the…

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