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After reading three articles on feminism, it strikes me that perhaps feminism has been presented to many of us rather two dimensionally.

The first article reports a UN Treaty, signed by 177 different countries, endorsing the concept of true equality for women. Women's equality might seem like a slightly overworked topic in the United States, but countries who have ratified this treaty include Afghanistan and a wide variety of third world countries where the rights of women may be a much newer idea.

The Second article gives reasons why women might have difficulty being elected to office, and again, at first glance, might sound like complaining to Americans, who have been exposed to the idea of women's equality for decades. I think women who want to take an active part in politics need to be very careful (as anyone in any other group would have to) so they don't sound like complainers. When a group focuses on why other groups keep them from advancing, they tend to look as if they can't put a good action plan together. Meanwhile a young man who is only 18 just got elected mayor of his town, overcoming a very significant obstacle -- his age. Any group looking to increase their political presence should offer solutions, not complaints.

The third article, however, demonstrates the importance of including a feminist perspective both in world treaties and in other political discussions. It deals with human trafficking, which in 2005 frequently victimizes women and children. The report is balanced and includes boys forced to be soldiers and children in sweat shops. With such a balanced approach, the feminist movement's attention on it becomes vital and important. After looking at all three articles, I am struck by how three-dimensional feminist issues really are. The feminist movement can shine a new light on issues of importance to all.


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