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¶ … soon be doing a field survey in a different module of the class for which this report is being prepared. With that in mind, the author has been asked to do a brief literature review about the subject of field surveys. A total of six acceptable and reputable sources will be consulted as part of this literature review. To keep things as academic and advanced as possible, the author of this report will stick to academic journals as the one and only type of acceptable source for information. While field surveys may seem pretty basic to some, there are some best practices and guidelines that need to be learned and followed to the letter.

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Of course, there is a general dichotomy when it comes to our world and research is no exception. Indeed, there is the Western way of doing things and the Eastern way of doing things. The West is mostly represented by the United States/Canada, Western Europe and Australia. On the other side of the coin is the East, which is dominated by China and a few other


While some may hold that field surveys, the handling of data analysis and so forth should be extremely consistent from the East to the West, this is not always the case. At the very least, there are those that bring certain methods and tactics into question. Even so, many would hold that there are indeed some methods and approaches that are "transferrable" in nature (Markofsky, 2014). One parameter that needs to be figured out in advance of any field survey is sensitivity. Indeed, there are some surveys where little differences are not something that needs to be worried about to any high amount of detail. That being said, there are other field surveys where minimal differences and variances are of major importance (Schultz & Lance, 2015).

Other important factors to consider when it comes to field surveys is what is being surveyed, the number of survey sites that will be created and used and the protocols that will be in place for all of the above. In other words, it is very important to know what precisely is being sought, what precisely about that thing will be studied and how it will be studied. Some potential survey sites will be more target-rich than others and the leader of such a survey needs to keep that…

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