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Flowcharts can be used to delineate a certain process. Specifically, an organizational flowchart displays the individuals or teams that constitute the entity and the manner in which they interact. They can augment communication through the distribution of knowledge regarding who to speak to. Furthermore, they can be employed to reorganize the prevailing entity. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the flowchart of a particular activity within an organization.

Flowchart Analysis

Sign off on inventory list


In stock?

Order New Item

Check inventory list for product location

Log Request on computer


Customer Request

The flowchart illustrated above encompasses the activity of a consumer requesting for a product within the organization. The process begins with a consumer making the request of the product necessitated. The information needed in this part of the process includes the make, model, and specific information of the product to ensure that the personnel comprehend. This is followed by the waiting process for confirmation by the employees. The third process of the activity is the logging in of the consumer request. This can be done by several people. However, these individuals have to be given the authorizations to do so through log ins and passwords of the computer. The main technology used in this phase is the organizational software programs that outline the catalog of the products at hand and the prices of the product. The policies and rules encompassed in determining where the step is executed includes the personnel granted authority to log in to the computer and also consumer requests.

Once the sales representative with the log-in authorities gains access into the system, he or she checks whether the product is contained within the inventory list of the organization. On one hand, if the product is not there, then the personnel makes an order for the product item requested by the client to be created or included in the incoming inventory. On the other hand,…not have to wait for a lengthy period as compared to before. An additional process that could be improved is to have contact numbers of the different locations in order to increase the speed of confirming whether the products within the list are damaged or in good shape.


In summary, the flowchart illustrated takes into account the inventory check and sign-off process of products when a consumer request is made. The flowchart delineates the different procedures undertaken once a consumer makes the request for a product, checked for within the system and signed off from the list if it exists or a new order made in order to have the product. It is important to be aware of the flow of an activity because it ensures effectiveness and also aids in determining the problems existing within the system. The organization functions through day to day processes. Their efficacy determines the success of the organization as a whole (Stevenson and…

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