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Food Safety

Human Nutrition

Food Security

Human Nutrition

Food is contaminated naturally because of how it is grown or from inherent hazards from transportation, harvest, storage, or sometimes processing. Food needs to be prepared and stored in a clean and safe environment. Food hygiene is very important and should be prioritized in every stage food is passed. Food products can be a source of bacteria and if not hygienically prepared, they become contaminated with a bacterium, which multiply rapidly producing toxins, which causes food poisoning.

Causes of food poisoning

Raw food materials can be a source of bacteria, parasites or even viruses, which are harmful to humans. Putting food at suitable temperatures to make bacteria thrive well, moisture, presence of oxygen and suitable pH determine how bacteria will multiply. Improper hot storage, inadequate reheating, improper cooling of food, cross-contamination, contaminated raw food and infected people...


Food-borne illnesses are classified to toxin medicated infection or intoxication. Eating food that contains disease living organisms causes infections. Eating food that contains organisms that produce toxins, once it has been consumed causes toxin-medicated infection. Intoxication is caused by eating food that contains harmful toxin or chemicals.

Ways of preventing the illnesses

Strict legal guidelines should be followed by food manufacturers and retailers; CDC have consistently given statements that where food-borne outbreaks have occurred they were caused by mishandling within the retail segment were ready to-eat food is provided for public consumption. Normally food contamination occurs after it has been purchased. Most of the illnesses are also caused by food mishandling.

Bacteria thrive well in warm temperatures; they die in very hot or very cold temperatures. Safety issues include covering food to prevent contamination, keeping food refrigerated or in cold temperatures between 0- 5 degrees Celsius constantly. Bacteria grow very rapidly so food should be exposed to favorable temperatures for…

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