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Change Management - Change Plan

Feasibility Analysis

Driving Forces

The proposed change at BP appreciates the need for fast tracking the process and ensuring that the existing problems are addressed urgently. One of the driving forces is the existence of a court case against the company and the possible penalties they may have to foot. The other driving force is the existence of a relatively new Senior Team heading the company. Most of them are unsure if there is any job security since the previous company heads were removed in a somewhat unprofessional manner for non-performance. Another challenge acting as a driving force for the proposed change is the Gulf Oil Spill (Freudenburg, & Gramling, 2011). The crisis showed clearly how the company's management was indulging in corrupt practices that often dented their image. However, the crisis can act as an avenue for the change in company's direction and success in the oil industry. Additionally, technological innovation among employees at BP is the best key driver in the situation. All other key drivers are related to the technical innovation. Each change pattern starts with a technical discontinuity (Wales, Gorman, & Hope, 2010). Cost reduction,


However, the existence of obstacles otherwise known as restraining forces can never be ignored. First, it is always important to appreciate the fact that the underlying culture amongst employees may make it hard for a change to be instituted. All employees, whether junior or senior fear change because it may jeopardize the chances of their growth within the company. The expected fines from the pending court case may limit the financial capability of the company in implementing the proposed change (Freudenburg, & Gramling, 2011). Besides, the development of various departments within the proposed change plan means that there will be additional overhead costs for the company. It will be a tedious process to attune costs and benefits associated with the new plan hence becoming somewhat challenging in the short run. The other restraint factor arises from the fact that the top-level management and the employees in the lower ranks at BP are not in good terms because of communication breakdown. The top management is known for disregarding some of the critical proposals coming from the junior employees. Such a restraining factor may mar the prospects of having a flawless implementation process for the proposed change at BP (Wales, Gorman, & Hope, 2010).

Force Field Analysis Model

Restraining forces

Culture, Resistance to change, poor communication



Driving forces

Gulf Oil Spill, Job security for the senior team, the court case, innovation


The goal: To institute a change at BP's workplace environment by fixing the existing problems and redefining the company's future.…

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