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The action takes place in a world covered with radioactive dust, after a nuclear war that has killed almost all animals, so that people have power animals. The protagonist is Rick Deckard, a former police officer and expert Blade Runner (although the novel does not have this name, but to "bounty hunter"), which should eliminate a group of Nexus 6 - androids art almost identical human beings, which has come to Earth, fleeing from a space colony due to the terrible living conditions to which they were subjected. (Aldiss p27-35)

The novel, one of the classic Dicks, covers topics such as the vague boundary between the artificial and natural, the decline of life and society, and addresses various issues ethical about androids. Also, given its aesthetics and descriptions of a world destroyed, abandoned, where technology is ubiquitous, it can be framed in the genre of cyberpunk. (Chapple p16-24)


People who stay on earth live in chaotic cities where radiation causes disease and harms genes. All animals are in danger of extinction: the radioactive dust has killed all the birds and decimated other species. Having and caring for an animal is considered a civic virtue and a status symbol, depending on the rarity of the species. The animals are bought and sold by reference to the latest issue of Sydney of birds and animals, extinct animals are there for the price of the last copy sold. Some people who can not afford a real animal choose to buy an artificial to maintain their social position. The companies responsible for making, repairing electrical and animal care are popular in this society. (Baldick p17-24) Ask if the neighbor is electric animal is considered taboo, a very serious lack of courtesy, especially to find out if teeth, hair or internal organs of a person is genuine. (Chapple p16-24)


The droids are used in human settlements, mainly that of Mars, but many of them fleeing to earth to escape the loneliness of the red planet and to be free from slavery to which the human subject. They are made from completely organic elements and are physically indistinguishable from humans. Bounty hunters like Deckard, track and "retire" fugitive androids, usually posing as humans. An analysis of bone in the body of each android "retired" to verify that no one person has been killed. Due to differences in the vagus nerve, an android can kill with just hold your breath. (Tatsumi et al. p43-49)

It is necessary for the bounty hunters to apply test of empathy as the Voigt-Kampff to differentiate human androids. The test measures brain activity and eye movements in response to emotional triggers, many of which involve animal cruelty. Since androids can not feel empathy, his emotional response is significantly different from humans. Boneli test, something simpler, measures the speed of response of the reflex arc that occurs in the lymph upper spine. (Chapple p16-24)

Another instrument of the novel is "Penfield mood Body," named for the neurologist Wilder Penfield, inducing emotions in users. The user can dial a number and automatically experience a certain mood or emotion. Examples include: "Awareness of the many possibilities that the future offers me" (481), "Recognition satisfactory husband's superior wisdom in all matters" (594), "Desire to watch television, no matter what you have" (888), "and deserved night's rest" (670) and "desire to make" (3). Many users have a daily encouragement.

When reading the novel presents the dilemma of what is the main theme. On first reading we see that there are two main themes: the religious issue of the mercer and the relationship between men and androids, but both issues are so closely linked that they lead to a single theme: the reality (recurring theme in the novels of Philip K. Dick).

Throughout the novel emphasizes the idea of?

spiritual unity among all human beings through a machine with which each individual feelings are shared by the rest. (Tatsumi et al. p43-49)

However, it is curious that to achieve these unit human beings to resort to a machine and, at some point in the novel, there is the theory that market may be an impostor. This delves into the idea that everything that seems real to humans is a fake, as in the case of the androids. On the other hand, in many respects, man-made objects are more perfect than the real because it does not degenerate: electric animals and androids do not get sick humans seem more aware of the importance of the concept of humanity that the men themselves. (Baldick p17-24)

But what is reality in this book? As mentioned before, it is difficult to establish the boundaries between what is real and what is not. The difficulty with that is the main character in distinguishing humans from androids is proof of this confusion between reality and fiction. Also, the mercer own triumphs by the cult of the false, false sensations that help you escape from reality, the probable falsity of Mercer. (Tatsumi et al. p43-49) The dream of reality of the protagonist, identified by their need for a live animal is lost in nothingness. Again imposes the unreal real. The living is doomed to die and degenerate, it will not live there forever. (Aldiss p27-35)

Critical analysis

In the land of the post War Terminal, the forms of real and artificial life are divided into hierarchies. For the animals are considered extremely precious, humans receive less consideration and the droids are simply insignificant. After a sexual encounter, Rachael tells Deckard following: "A [...] you love that goat more than me. And probably more than your wife " (P. 205)

The three groups are also subdivided. Humans are divided between those who can migrate out of the earth and those who, for genetic defects mostly produced by the radioactive dust, are not allowed to leave the planet (so-called "special" or "pinheads"); and androids are continually improving: companies continually create new android models are superior to the others. (Chapple p16-24)

However, this classification has many flaws, especially between humans and androids. The latest models are more intelligent android that some classes of humans. (Baldick p17-24) Isidore often recognized at 3 androids living with him as "superior beings." Empathy is the feature that definitely separates those human androids. However, Deckard note that, for their work, hunters of "ANDRILL" should not empathize with them, so the superiority of the androids that hunt is questionable. (Shelley p16)

The vague boundary between natural and artificial

Two of the "people" most respected of the earth could be artificial creations: Buster's friend and Wilbur Mercer. Buster, who performs 23 hours of daily television and radio often mocks the mercer, revealed in one of its programs that the views shown in the case of empathy may be old movies filmed in Hollywood, starring an actor alcoholic. (Tatsumi et al. p43-49)

According to clarify one of the androids rebel Buster's attitude is that he himself is an android. So Mercer could just be a computer program or an android, because he, like Buster, has the apparent immortality and infinite resistance to fatigue allowing you to renew continually falling into the tomb world and then rise again. Another of the facts that reflect this differentiation is difficult in the fact of the existence of animal electricity that replaces real animals and seems to feel and live like them, and to which their owners keep pets feeling as if they were true.

In addition, clandestine escapes to Earth androids reveal that they have the capacity to desire and imagine a better life for themselves. This is shown clearly in the character of Luba Luft, the android opera singer. The droids in history, while having no feelings of empathy, have dreams, desires, fear of death, but are not considered comparable to those felt by humans. (Tatsumi et al. p43-49)

Human beings are obsessed with looking artificial animals (since the originals were extinguished by radiation), have a degree of empathy that the droids do not have, and this lack is the key test. In the evolution of Deckard to find those droids, Rachael knows that the film is very important, but the story is a mixture of Platonic love of the protagonist and femme-fatale one. (Aldiss p27-35)

The development for which Deckard is giving the whereabouts of each and every one of the androids is masterful, and Dick achieves a highly visual style, the result of the great imagery deployed and sometimes follows a detective story and sometimes reflective styles other masters of the genre as Isaac Asimov and Stanislaw Lem. (Baldick p17-24)

The abundance of topics proposed in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Is enormous, and this is a very obvious and glorious under the eyes of the reader. However, it also sometimes causes the universe that serves as a premise to the story is not too well defined, and many of the ideas are half-hearted, as proof that Dick has a clearly unsurpassed imagination, but also as evidence of limitations when developing these…

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