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Formerly known as Zaire, the Democratic Republic of Congo gained its independence from Belgium in June of 1960. Education standards have risen since the nation became independent, but political strife and an ongoing civil war continue to plague the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is actually run as a dictatorship. Since 1998, civil war has caused poverty, disenfranchisement, and a general low standard of living. Hardest hit are the women in society, who have traditionally been subordinated to their male counterparts. Although suffrage is universal and women maintain certain political and economic rights, women are still viewed and treated as secondary citizens. One of the most notable manifestations of the gender gap is in the educational system. In the total population, 77.3% of
...French is the official language of the Democratic Republic of Congo; Lingala is a lingua franca language used primarily in the trade sector.

Traditional society in the region suppressed women, so their subordinate role in the modern school system comes as no surprise. Since the colonial era, the status of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo has improved. Prior to independence, women who were not married or widowed were considered prostitutes and were forced to pay a high tax regardless of their actual lifestyle or profession; in one town, over 30% of women were registered as prostitutes. (Zaire: A Country Study).

The United Nations Children's Fund, known better as UNICEF, is dedicated to the welfare of children worldwide. Working with the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as with United Nations Peacekeepers, parents, teachers, and children, UNICEF has been instrumental in furthering the…

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