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For example, some women in the contemporary society question the natural order of things such as the man being the head of a family unit. I strongly feel that a world without family unit would be full of chaos. This is because even the simplest definition of the human society and civilization can be traced back from the existence of the basic building block of the society-family. An interruption of this natural order of things would probably send the human race in a tail spin of lack of civilization and a complete redone of the whole process of civilization and human character development.

The actual process of rebuilding the structure of the human society would take so long and in the process would lead to a disruption of the tedious and meticulous process of the whole match of the humankind towards a better society. What can be done in order to avoid all the pitfalls associated with the struggle of dominance by both gender is to come up with definite structures to safeguard the roles of each in a way that is harmonious. Men have also been unfairly treated by women. As a perfect example, we can consider the case of a family unit in which despite the role of a man as the head being questioned by many women, men still do face a lot of criticisms and even court cases if they fail to provide for their families. The fact that men ion the contemporary society are expected to provide for their family's needs is a perfect reason to men that they should be major decision makers in these families. This does not mean that they should demean or neglect the views of the women in the house. It is obvious that there can never be two bosses to run the same organization. This is because the outcome would be chaos. So the arrangement of the society with the man as the head of the family should not be dismantled. A compromise should however be reached by both the man and the woman for the sake of their children to live in harmony and protect their children without much politics and allegations.

In order to achieve gender equity, it is paramount to look at the broader definition of the term with an open mind. This means that all humans (man and women) must consider themselves as free to develop their skills and abilities and come up with choices without any form of limitations that have for long been set by stereotypes who insist of specific rigid roles to be played by both genders. Therefore, the different behaviors and aspirations as well as the needs of both the man and woman must not be defined by anyone else but necessity and effort of the specific individuals. Both sexes should therefore be valued as well as favored equally


The society in which we live currently should not be considered to be biased in terms of gender as such. This is because a closer look at the issues at hand reveals that both sexes are guilty of unfairness in terms of both practice and their line of thought. In fact, the best way to look at the scenario is from the view point of a libertarian who considers no gender in their arguments. If we could just coexist in this contemporary society as the same being of the 'same gender' but with different purposes, then I guess the world we live in would be perfect. Thus is because we would lack the stereotypical thoughts that make us fear or suspect each other as being unequal. The world would otherwise remain biased and full of gender-based bigotry.


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