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¶ … German leader, Adolph Hitler took over in the country before the second world war, he had goals he succeed in accomplishing, and one of his main focuses during that time in the 1930s was what his aim was in foreign guidelines and what measures he went to in attaining those objectives. The first idea Hitler sought after, that his followers also felt sense they had been defeated in World War I, abolishing the Treaty of Versailles because it was unjust in Hitler's eyes. Building up the German army, and regain their lands and bringing their population within the Reich ("Google Scholar" 207).

According to the scholarly document, first, Adolf Hitler did not budge to reduce the size of his military or another league because France would not consent to the parity. This scholarly document stated that Hitler used conservative communication while smoothing over his opponent as a way to get what he wanted. By January 1934, Hitler signed a 10-year anti-violent pack with the other nations like Poland because the Britains favored Germany, and it upheld relationships with Poland and France, as well as impartiality toward the Germans and their affairs against other countries . Other tactics that Hitler used was minimizing the Navy to assist Great Britain, and he met goals by breaching agreements. He also offered peace by being a part of a communist agreement with Japan and Italy which helped them improve their military which was also a step in Hitler's plan for Germany. By 1938, Hitler's focused on the


The Google Scholar stated all along Hitler was planning for a major war on France and Great Britain because he never said anything new and avoided discussing issues that were important to his people. Hitler's biggest aim was to preserve the racial community and gain more land for Germany.

Japan had a few foreign policy endeavors between the 1930s and 1940s which was for them to construct a territory in the Asia-Pacific because they wanted to create room to organize their own inhabitants and possessions that limited or untied them from Western power (Krishnan). Krishan noted that Japan's swift increase in the Japanese people required more food, employment, and shelter and the military felt that they needed to obtain more land in order to solve this dilemma. The Asian country wanted more help from other Asians to regain more control as a nation without depending on foreign nations to supply their resources (Krishan).

Another contribution to the war within Asia was because of Japan's conflict with China because they felt that Manchuria could give them plenty of resources and cheap manpower as well as an opportunity to build new markets in China. Japan had begun to occupy parts of China, which was another factor that led to war in Asia. The United States and Japan did not have a good relationship with one another, and by 1934, Japan decided to break their part in a treaty which was a sign that Japan was out to continue their attack on other surrounding countries. The United…

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