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Global and National Hunger Hunger can be described as a physical sensation of desiring food. Usually even the highly privileged may experience mild hunger, however brief experience will never be harmful. People suffering from hunger are a larger scale reference to individuals who are unable to eat sufficient food in meeting their basic nutritional needs for a sustained period of time. A large proportion of the world's populations are affected by hunger throughout history. Occasionally it result originates from plagues, war or adverse weather changes.

Several inter-related issues that cause hunger tend to be related to economic as well as other factors that cause poverty. A part from the named above causes of hunger we have drought, famine, diversification of land use to non-productive use, poor eating habit, inefficient agriculture, land right and ownership as other causes of hunger, (Anup Shah, 2010). As we try to solve the problem of hunger through efficient food production, a problem arises in terms of landownership, land distribution, inefficient use of land, politics as well as power play. Rate of food production recently is considered to be higher as compared to the population growth; however this does not seem to be the solution. Approaching hunger in a more direct way through offering more charitable contributions of food, or sourcing how to raise production rates, tend to just attack symptom of hunger and poverty but not the real root causes.

It is not that we should stop the research to increase food production; it should be known that the deeper problem of fighting the poverty roots...


The fight should be directed to both poverty and hunger because if people will concentrate on only fighting poverty then the resources will be continually diverted to fighting hunger but not to fight what causes it. Of course, solving hunger in the world by just increasing food production but not tackling it from its roots may as well give us a positive outcome to the issue of poverty. In case the poorer nations will continue never to be provided with sufficient policy space as well, as means of producing their own food, or given space of producing and creating industry for themselves, there will be still a continued dependency and poverty.
A positive outcome can as well be realized if the eating habit can change around the World especially in American. Increase in calories tends to be sufficient for providing each person around the world with sufficient food to live. Of course if the world is able to provide what is sufficient to every life that is living in it, therefore what are the reasons that make a majority to go hungry? My answer will be the unjust distribution system and not that it is lack of resources.

It becomes very possible to lower the rate of hunger if people will learn ways of living in harmony with nature. However, lack will be experienced when some try to impose their will on the fair and natural distribution of nature's resources as per the individual's needs. It is evidenced that the natural distribution of the earth's resources is usually disrupted by those who control much of the food…

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