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¶ … improvements in health since 1960, there are still a quantity of challenges, which should have been easy to resolve. As a person, all through my career, I have personally chosen to focus on the opportunities and experiences produced within the area of global health differences. Nevertheless within this area, there is an abundant divide among global aspects of health issues, for instance the effect of inequality and poverty that are really bothering me. With that said, this paper will give a personal involvement with global health through my experience with the illness of my professor.

I was heartbroken when I learned of my professor illness. She was not just a respected professor but a good nurse. She was only 40 when her health was challenged. It started because she did not want to stay in an unhealthy work environment, she made the decision that she didn't want to continue to work in a place where bosses boss and no one leads. It was just a toxic setting to be in.

She basically just used that motivation, to find her another job. During that time, after doing an employee physical and chest x-ray it was shown that there were some abnormalities which led to more testing and a final diagnosis of colon cancer with metastases to her lungs. She was just 40 years old and all of this was going on. It was apparent that she wanted to just give up after hearing this devastating news. Dying of lung...


She was not even a person that smoked. This health concern really caused me to want to evaluate certain environments in order to see if they were safe from second hand smoke and most were not. I even found out that this was a huge global concern because there were not a lot of places that challenged unhealthy environments that had second hand smoke.

I had to learn that with her lung metastasis, the treatment should be able to depend on what the cancer is doing. Usually, if nodules start showing on the lung of a colorectal cancer patient, those would be taken off by surgery, if at all possible, as a way to identify the problem and possibly cure it in total. It was obvious that this also brought great stress on her life but she was able to use God as her outlet.

With this concern, she also started to develop some fluid collections that around the lung. These are treated chiefly by giving patients chemotherapy and then emptying those gushes. While she was going through this crisis, I discovered that one way to drain them is to use what is a pleural catheter, where a small plastic tube is introduced into the chest and can be connected to a small throwaway vacuum bottle. .

The discussion board and blog sessions dialog contributed to my development of a global health perspective because I wanted to make a difference in seeing people live in a clean and healthy environment without them getting sick. It also helped me to realize that never before has the health situation gotten worse in so little time. At the same time, discussion board and blog sessions dialog helped me to see that exposures to major health risks in a new light. Going beyond 2015 it is obvious that we are moving from an age concentrating mostly on global health concerns and the need to put extreme healthy life expectation at the center of our minds and work.

Also, discussion board and blog sessions dialog helped me to see that putting health first really makes a difference…

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