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The essence of the spirited existence and togetherness in the community influences change and ushers the nature of human dignity, observance of the stipulated laws and orders, and the usual prescriptions of humanity around the globe. There is no common avenue of slavery and disregard of human dignity that will be allowed in the society. The world is progressing and illuminating on all the principles of existence and dominance in the world. Therefore, the nature of living a solitary or spiritual life is an innate exercising of justice and respect for human dignity in the entire world. This is the spirit of the core values of the society as also prescribed in the declaration (Puybaret 32).

The existence and proclamation of the declaration is bestowed on the virtue of human respect for one another's rights and freedoms. The core values of the society are directed at bringing a common and unified ground that will master the preexistence and future dominance of human rights commission in the world. There is a common belief in the article that human dignity must be respected since human rights commissions and values exist in all spheres of the society. Therefore, there is a common relating between the immediate values of the society and the general precepts that dwell within the communized values of humanity. The declaration advocates for individual and the universal rights and freedoms just as it are pursued by the core values that are found within many communities in the world. The essence of the declaration is vital to the general existence and peaceful dominance of justice and human freedom in the world.

In order to be at the forefront in maintaining justice and coherence of the society, there is a common belief taken by the declaration that all humanity to respect the rule of law and order without the interference of one another's freedom and similar rights. The innate facets within the declaration are directed at establishing a society that worships a given mode of the Supreme Being obeys the dominance and rule of law in the society, and gives room for the individual expression and love for one another. The general principles advocated by the declaration are generative of the future stability and love for life in the general world (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 6).

Many articles and prescriptions within the declaration tackle the individual and people within a society. For instance, the differences between women, children, and many other categories of people are given much preeminence and concern by the declaration as done by the core values of the community. In every community, women and children are supposed to be treated with certain levels of specialties. Such specialties are ascribed in the values of the society that makes the norms of living and human existence in the world. The general perception and dominance of justice in the society is a force that drives that society and the entire world to be at the forefront in pursuit for human rights and peaceful coexistence. The declaration advocates for a unified existence and treatment of women and children with care. Moreover, the declaration advocates for education as a basic fact that builds or establishes the society within a stable state of existence. Many avenues of management are directed at influencing change and order in the society. The common grounds and palatable avenues of maintain human creativity, growth, and protection of the sanctity of life in both plants and animals are also contained within the declaration (Ledwith 45).

With many articles and prescriptions given within the declaration, the essence of the core values of the community is very relevant. There is a great opportunity that the success of the declaration is a direct success in the establishment and maintenance of the core value of the society in a generalized avenue of performance. There is a common saying within the declaration that the success of the human right and freedom is a general success of the world.

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