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Globalism is certainly a new concept that humans have been working toward for centuries. It is just that in the late 20th and early 21st technology finally advanced enough to allow for instantaneous communication via satellites and Internet. This, plus technological advances in transportation and scientific measurement, has also helped us realize that although the world is closer politically, economically, and culturally -- it is also tied together environmentally. What happens in one area does have an effect on another area which makes the idea called globalism more of an umbrella concept. The whole picture of globalism tends to refer to the theories that see modern life as a series of very complex webs, almost string theory, that tie together most all of modern life. Part 1 -- Describe Bata's international business strategy. Would you consider Bata a multinational corporation? The Bata Show Company is clearly a multinational corporation. It has four business units, with more than 40 production facilities in 26 countries and services over 1 million customers a date. It has...


Bata diversified after the debacle of World War II and relocated its headquarters in Canada, still with the same mindset of creating a community-based company with international manufacturing and distribution. During the economic (globalism, Asian imports) changes of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Bata had to restructure and change its operations -- but refused to be beaten by cheaper Asian knock-offs of its products -- focusing more on how it could successfully compete.
Part 2 -- If you were Bata's top management, how would you deal with successfully managing business units in four very different geographic regions? The key to dealing with multinational business if different geographic regions is dual: a communications…

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