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I believe that I can achieve this goal by learning from the graduate program the different practical and theoretical information about the ways children learn and develop. I intend to seriously participate in the different activities that the graduate program will hold in order for me to learn the skills required to achieve success in my profession of being an early childhood education teacher.

Thirdly, in entering the graduate program, I aim to be empowered in providing competent teaching processes to children. This includes high-quality educational experience provided to children, characterized and embodied by appropriate learning programs. I understand that the graduate program provides its early childhood professionals with diverse instructions based on frameworks of theoretical research and studies. Through this, I believe that the achievement of my goals can be facilitated.

In summary, I want to enter a graduate program for early childhood education because I have the passion for learning diverse methods of effective teaching, as well as a passion for providing a meaningful experience of learning to children. I want to provide competent and high-quality learning experience. I believe that the philosophy and mission of the graduate program is right and fitting for all my goals and objectives. Moreover, I want to enter the graduate program because of its variety of vantage points, such as classroom instructions, teachings on how to support the intellectual, social, and psychological development of a child, which can all be beneficial to achieving success to my goals.

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