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Life's Bouquet

The author of this report has been asked to answer some philosophical and opinion-based questions about the people and experiences that happen in one's life. Indeed, there are those people in our life that are "flowers" and there are those that are much closer to resembling "weeds" or otherwise a nuisance. The author of this report will identify some of the weeds and flowers in the author's own life as well as identify how the author identifies and "connects" with the author of Life's Bouquet. Whether the different types of "plants" in the author's life will be labeled as good, bad or a part of life learning that we all must endure. Questions about emotion, logic and reason will be answered to as well. While negative aspects of life including people and events are sometimes unavoidable, there always has to be a point where the relevant lessons are learned and the ability to move on is realized because doing otherwise is debilitating and self-defeating.


There are indeed people in the author's life that are flowers and there are definitely also people that have been weeds. However, the specific status for a given person is not always static and consistent and some people are quite obviously keeping their intentions and motives hidden to at least some degree. Other times, there is outright deception but this is not immediately clear. When it comes to emotions vs. logic, the latter is obviously the way to go when it comes to assessing life and how to move through it but this can exceedingly difficult when dealing with certain situations or people. Just as an easy example, what...


However, these same people and experiences can color and shape one's perspective in quite harmful ways if the perspective in question is limited. For example, if someone is an introvert with little social contact and they see the depravity and discord in the news, this could lead them to being very cynical about life and the direction of society. While there are certainly events and people that should be of concern, there is so much more to life and there truly is more good than bad in people as a whole. Everyone makes mistakes and rash decisions but most people are basically decent and loyal to the ideals and people that they should be (Boilini, 2012).

As for emotion and logic, the former is the enemy of the latter. Emotions are a good thing to have as a whole but they can lead to some terrible decisions and perspectives and this is especially true in the heat of the moment. For example, being loyal to a family member just because they are family despite the fact that they have engaged in terrible behavior is not logical and it is not the right thing to do. Some say that family (or love in general) should or does overrule all. A lot of the time it does but that does not make it right. As an…

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Boilini, L. (2012). Life's Bouquet: Appreciate the Floawers, Embrace the Weeds, Enjoy the Possibilities.

New York: High Pitched Hum Publishing.

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