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A patch of flowers danced in the sunlight like happy little children at play. I couldn't resist. I set down my basket and ran over to pluck daisies, pansies, and whatever else I could get my hands on. I didn't notice that the wolf had vanished from sight.

When I reached grandma's house, I proudly sauntered up the snakelike footpath to her front door. It was ajar, which didn't seem so strange since the air was so fresh and I'm sure in her weakened condition she liked to breathe deeply.

Good morning grandma!" I called out.

I'm in here, Little Red!" my Grandmother cried from the bedroom. Carrying the basket of goodies and her bouquet of wildflowers, I delicately opened her bedroom door. Poor grandmother was lying down, her bonnet nearly covering her elderly face. When I crept closer, I noticed that grandma's ears had grown hairy. I nearly gasped but wanting to sound mature, I simply said, "Grandma, you must really not be feeling well. Your ears, they look so large!"

Oh, the better to hear you with my dear. Now set down those goodies and come give me a kiss."

Her voice sounded hoarse, poor thing. She must have a cold. I then noticed that her
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eyes were bulging and moist.

Grandma, what big eyes you have too!"

The better to see you with, my dear!"

Grandma then reached out to hug me and I almost drew back. Her hands had swollen to twice their normal size.

Oh Grandma, your hands -- they're so big!"

The better to hug you with!"

As I leaned in hesitantly to hug my beloved grandma, the smell of sausages filled the air.

And how big your mouth has become grandma!"

Oh," she said, saliva dripping from her lips. "The better to eat you with!"

The next thing I knew I was enveloped in darkness. All I could hear was the pitter-pat of the wolf's heart, which thumped against my belly. I began to cry. Suddenly a sliver of light pierced through the silence and a pair of hands grabbed me through all the slime and blood.

On my feet once again, rubbed clean by the woodsman, I exclaimed, "Grandma! Where's grandma?"

I'm right here, dear," she called out softly from the edge of the bed. She was wearing one of my wildflowers flowers in her hair and was sharing the bottle of beer with the kind woodsman who rescued us from the…

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