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In point of fact, the article did not even provide enough information concerning whether control had really been lost, or if the new headstone fad was just that; a fad. The article was successful in providing information that a trend seems to be developing for the more eccentric individuals in society, and that trend is to be more creative in death than what has been acceptable in the past, but the article does not answer the implied question 'will this lead to a mass movement in tombstone creativity?' Or if the trend will continue to be confined to the relatively small portion of the dying public that it now concerns?

At one point in the article one of the interviewees told the story of how a widow called him to have a headstone hauled away a few days after the deceased had been laid to rest. The interviewee said, "I guess what you try not to do is make such an ungodly mess that the survivors will rip it out of the ground" (Heller, p. 94). Like the interviewee I felt that the deceased was going to have no say-so after death in regards to the tombstone, so if the creativity was to ostentatious the survivors would have it redone anyway.

Overall I was vastly disappointed in the effectiveness of the article. It did not provide me with the information I was seeking, and though it did contain a few interesting tidbits about the two individuals the writer had interviewed, it did not prove that there was a problem, nor did it show how the perceived problem affected society, and it did not offer any solutions or determine whether the trend was even a problem that needed solving in the first place. Creativity in tombstones may continue to be more recognizable, but I believe that the vast majority of individuals in society are much more worried about every day living than they are about what their tombstone will look like after they die. Perhaps the writer of the article showed have displayed a little more creativity on behalf of the article, otherwise it should just be laid to rest without an obituary.


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