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Financial Structure Information System

The delivery of care across all levels of healthcare delivery system is largely influenced by information and information exchange. The information exchange takes place between the various stakeholders in the health care delivery process i.e. The health care facility, the patient, the caregiving team, and political-economic environment. The significance of information in health care delivery process and system has contributed to the development of health care information systems. Health care information systems can be described as systems that captures, manages, stores, and conveys information that is related to people's health and activities of a health care organization of facility. These systems play a crucial role in the management of information exchange towards decision-making on health care activities and processes. Health care information systems have different structures including financial structure, which has positive and negative impacts and is applicable to different work areas in the health sector.

Description of Financial Structure Information Systems

Financial structure information systems in the health care field can be described as computer systems for managing the business perspective of a health care organization or facility. Given the priority of these organizations or facilities saving lives rather than profit-making, they need running costs for daily operations in order to meet this objective. Financial information systems provide a mechanism for handling running costs since healthcare business activities are seemingly complex. The introduction of financial information systems in healthcare is geared towards lessening the complexity of health care business activities and easing the process. Financial information systems achieve this goal because of their various features including payroll, general ledger, claims management, patient accounting, and fixed asset management. According to Pina et. al. (2015), financial information systems provide mechanisms for financial arrangements and organizational practices that are geared towards handling the financial aspects of the health care organization or facilities (p.672).

Reason for Selection

The selection of financial structure in the various information system structures is influenced by the significance of these systems in the daily operations of a health care organization or facility. Moreover, this decision is influenced by the fact that financial systems have considerable impacts on health care systems and patient care both positively and adversely. The positive impact of financial information system structure is its contribution toward implementation of total quality management in a health care organization or facility. This structure contributes to enhanced health care delivery and patient outcomes by promoting integration of health care systems.

Generally, health care systems have traditionally involved the use of centralized systems and structure, which have…

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