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Integrating Fingerprint Verification into the Smart Card-Based Healthcare Information System and it was published in 2009. This research article was a result of the efforts put in by Daesung Moon, Yongwha Chung, Sung Bum Pan and Jin-Won Park.

Due to the increase in very large scale integration technology, smart cards, which are credit card sized plastic cards embedded with memory inside a chip were introduced. These smart cards are able to store all information which is personal and is not shared with others. This research paper describes where the use of a smart card is applied in healthcare information systems and how integrating the use of smart cards is different from the usual ways in which patient information is gathered. In order to obtain relevant patient data, connection to the hospital database is necessary. This, however, is not possible in cases where connections are not available for example in ambulances and therefore having smart cards reduces the chances of not being able to get relevant patient data on time.

The aim of this paper is to identify how the existing PIN- based system in smart cards can be replaced by fingerprint technology. It analyses three different strategies according to which fingerprint verification can be implemented into a smart card and how verification occurs between the smart card and its reader. This paper also evaluates several verification algorithms and how
...Different scenarios are taken into account and based on the level of their security execution requirements it is determined how fingerprint verification implementation will take place.

This research article, though written in simple, easy to understand words contained several flaws which were quite evident. The title of the research paper "Integrating Fingerprint Verification into the Smart Card-Based Healthcare Information System" did not fit in well with the introduction. The introduction failed to critically analyse this title but instead defined what a smart card is and its characteristics. It mentioned that the smart card has several advantages due to which countries like Taiwan, Germany and France have adopted them but failed to highlight what the advantages are. While considering the issues related to smart cards the paper was unsuccessful in bringing to light the issues and mentioned only that they could be found in a reference research article. An example is there are many other

Issues to consider and the details of other issues can be found in [11, 12]. This sentence is very vague. In short, the introduction does not contain a proper problem or a solution and does not contain a thesis as to what the writer/s is trying to convey through the research. The introduction of any document is supposed to lead the reader into knowing what will be discussed throughout the paper. It gives an overview of the entire research. The introduction of this research article clearly failed to do so.

The background of a research paper gives a summary of what is being investigated. It tells the…

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