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heavy reliance computerized technology machines blunted assessment skills nurses read- machine patient.

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Technology can substantially enhance patient care. Contrary to the notion that technology 'does' the nursing, nurses must be better-educated than ever before in information systems, to ensure that they are able to use technology in the most effective fashion possible. In fact, there is a great deal of concern that nurses are not technologically savvy enough and that nursing education does not give nurses enough confidence in how to use technology effectively. "Information technology (IT) is not a panacea, and will not fulfill its promise unless it is harnessed in support of foundational values. That is why every nurse cannot afford to be unconnected to this transformation, but must take an active role in ensuring that IT is used in service to our profession's values" (Preparing the next generation of nurses to work in a technology-rich environment, 2008, NLN: 4).

However, the nursing profession remains one that is founded upon caritas and patient care. This means that the nurse must use technology to help the patient, and the use of technology is not a substitute for individual patient assessment. Patients must be assessed in terms of their environment, psychology, and spiritual needs, not simply their physical demands. This requires more than simply looking at a machine's reading. I am sympathetic to patients who are frustrated by the fact that they feel dehumanized when they are attached to monitors, given this is experienced as a profound loss of autonomy, even of humanity. It is the nurse's duty to reassure the patient that she still regards the patient as in control of his or her own destiny and is a partner in the patient's care, even if the patient feels uncomfortable with the use of technology to monitor and…

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