Why Historically Black Colleges Are A Benefit To Society And The Community Essay

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Historically black colleges and universities are becoming much more important in the st century considering the contentious racial issues currently outstanding around the world. Here, the recent events related to the killing of unarmed black men while in police custody highlights many of the issues that are currently facing the African American community. Even more important, is the lack of wealth and financial acumen with the African American community, which has significantly hindered economic development. Here, both the income and wealth gaps between African Americans and their white and Asian counterparts is alarming. African Americans for example have lower incomes, lower wealth, and a higher likelihood of being incarcerated than their white counterparts. HBCUs can help alleviate some of these racial concerns and problems but gathering African American intellectual capital together in a single location. It is through these social gatherings and context that progress can be made in many of the issues described above.

To begin HBCUs are critical to the development of the African American community in the 21ST century. They first provide a single location that can allow ideas, thoughts and opinions to coalesce freely within an academic setting. This is critical to the intellectual development of African Americans, but also their overall network. Within society, a strong network is important to helping to mitigate many of the…who were once ostracized by the black community in middle and high school are accepted and welcomed. They are praised for their intellectual curiosity and brilliance. Here, individuals are further encouraging to pursue new, unique, and often controversial solutions to problems faced by the world. This is done by African Americans directly for the benefit of other African Americans making it a much more powerful influence on the individual. Overall, HBCUs are important as they first provide the skills and abilities needed to be successful in a much more competitive business environment. Second, they provide a support system that can help encourage African Americans as a group, reinforcing their intellectual and academic…

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