History In The Making: Fight For Rights Essay


History In the Making: Fight for Rights There are numerous definition of history that are adapted by different groups. Of interest though is the fact that they share a period that is in the past. Among the many definitions fronted by Word Net (2011) is "the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future." This definition arouses interest in our case study as it spans from the past into the present happenings in the world.

It is apparent that history can be made and it is never static but is continually being made by people and events that surround us. Among the most recent noticeable events of our time in the history making are the events in Asia and China. In these two political demography there have been numerous fight for rights that have taken place in the past decade to the recent years and months, these events are worth noting since they have contributed immensely in the historical development of the rights of the people in these regions.

One of the makers of history in China is Kadeer who is the most popular leader coming from the Western China province of Xinjiang. She once wanted a separate state but has since changed tune and is pushing for a self-determination in place of autonomy. She heads the Uighur movement and is currently going round...


The movement pushes for illegalization of discrimination against Uighur and its religious and cultural rights and the like groups.
Lan Yimin is another immigrant Chinese who gives face to the struggle for the rights of the factory workers in China. She is pushing for fair working conditions and a better wage in commensurable ration to the economic trends in the country. She makes it clear that the demands made by the workers in China are economic and not political, lest someone in authority construes it to that (The China Post, 2010).

The UN has also been involved in participation and activism for the rights of those living with HIV / AIDS in China. Many NGOs and HIV activists have also been involved in ensuring the government does not discriminate against those with HIV / AIDS. They have pushed for due compensation of people who had infection through contaminated blood transfusion (Human Rights Watch, 2010).

Though the Chinese government prides itself that the newly launched human rights action plan has been implemented to the best and a clear promotion of human rights all round has been achieved, the NGOs and HIV activists still think otherwise and continue pressing for these rights as long as the lives of the infected tell a…

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