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History Of Wars

The years of the late 16th century witnessed the colonial conquests of the Americas by the British powers. In "A People's Army" Anderson shows that the King of England was interested in an expansionist policy during this time. The British forces already present in America had laid the ground ready for any war. In defiance of authority, the local people also organized themselves in readiness to face the incoming British forces as well as the French forces that had been hired. Their major aim was to fight and defend their land with all it could take

The author shows that the people who had been in America for far too long as natives had managed to convince many more of their colleagues to stage a fight to defend their heritage. In response to the desire to stay strong, they organized themselves into groups. After this, they undertook frequent military and fitness trainings that they intended to make them be in a position to stage a defensive against the colonial forces. This was witnessed in many of the country's residential quarters. People everywhere kept engaging themselves in activities that they deemed to help them stay ready for the impending war. In other...


Having secured a chance to be in the American territory and able to address the problems facing the people, the Brits had taken a lead ahead of the rest of the foreigners living in America. The war that was to be fought was that between the locals and forces that intended to dominate the local territory. All the foreign forces present wanted to have a chance to influence the happenings on the ground as well as get to run the affairs of the country

The people of Massachusetts embarked on a serious war with the Indian and British invaders who had come to their land. They intended to make sure that all that had been taken away from them was returned in the form of freedom and liberty. In this regard, they intended to open up an opportunity where they could be allowed to control their destiny. The preparations for war at the Massachusetts and the neighboring territories were all geared towards making sure that they attain maximum impact on the people who had cast their hopes in it. The Massachusetts war was planned long before the wars that were fought in other places within America.


The author offers various dimension on how the wars of the time occurred. I have appreciated the fact that the citizens influenced the directions that wars would…

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