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This might also be supplemented with a regular multi-vitamin strategy for Tyrone and for his family. This also hints at the need for significant dietary strategy changes for Tyrone. However, as the family profile denotes, many of these issues stem from the habits of his wife Susan, who has taken on the familial role as the provider of food and the role model for eating habits.

Another issue which will involve counseling with both Tyrone and Susan would address Tyrone's emotional response to issues concerning their mixed-race marriage. Namely, Tyrone has expressed concern that frustrations over the judgments of others will lead him to behave in a manner which he regrets. This may suggest the need for anger-counseling, taken not from the perspective that Tyrone suffers from inordinate rage, but from the view that his anger must be given proper outlets. Such is to say that while his frustrations with others are justified, he might benefit from counseling which helps him identify strategies for conflict resolution.


Michaela's physical health appears to be progressing normally. That she is demonstrating a healthy appetite and healthy weight are both positive signs. A matter of specific consideration for Michaela would be revealed by cold-like symptoms and a fever. Though the illness would progress and diminish normally, treatment with penicillin produced a clear allergic reaction. This indicates that treatment strategies for Michaela must diverge from penicillin usage and that, further, any such course of future antibiotic treatment approach must be taken with caution. We are inclined here, as with Tyrone, to indicate that therefore a better treatment strategy would be the preventative use of vitamin and diet-based immunity habits.

An issue of concern for Michaela is the imbalance between her mounting cognitive abilities and her demonstration of separation anxiety upon even the briefest departure of her mother. This denotes that Michaela is at a critical stage where efforts must be made to help acclimate her to reasonable lengths of time away form her mother. This means that at points, Tyrone should take time alone with Michaela so that she can adjust to another individual. Likewise, this separation anxiety suggests that Michaela is not yet sleeping on her own, and is likely in a crib in the parents' room. It is now time to begin leaving Michaela alone and indulging less in immediately attending to the sound of her crying.


Susan's outlook suggests emotional stability and contentment with her role as wife and mother. However, all indications are that Susan is in need of an educational reformation of her views on nutrition, diet and exercise. At 5'5 and 210 lbs, Susan is overweight, has high cholesterol and has high blood pressure. In addition, she indicates poor eating habits such as focus on a 'big meal' for dinner and the consumption of leftovers the next day. It is likely that this is the cause of Tyrone's high blood pressure as well. Therefore, Susan must engage in a total reformation of her eating and preparation habits, including a more balanced and varied weekly diet for her family; the distribution of meals more evenly across the day; portion control; and the elimination of negative foods. For Susan personally, this regiment must also include an exercise routine, preferably guided by a physical therapist. Additionally, the disappearance of Susan's medical records denotes that she should be engaged in multiple and regularly scheduled check-ups on her vitals, including consultation and a verbal review of her personal health history with physicians. These actions should help to replenish the data needed for a complete…

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