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This may also account for Eliezer's interpretation of Moshe's account of the slaughter at the hands of the Gestapo: he feels that the man must be lying -- he also believes that the rest of his town rejects his story as well. However, it is quite likely that many of the older citizens fearfully believe Moshe, but do not want to publicly acknowledge it. Nonetheless, from Eliezer's young point-of-view, such events remain unimaginable; but it is apparent that Kaplan would have been ready to believe such tales even early in the war.

Although Kaplan's diary was written during the conflict and Night was written afterwards, the strongest contrast between the two seems to be between the perspectives of those providing their accounts. Eliezer's tale is fundamentally spiritual and Kaplan is fundamentally empirical in his writing. However, though approaching the topic from opposite angles, both seem to evoke analogous themes. Kaplan's "conspiracy of silence" is very similar to the "silence of God" that Wiesel perceives: both recognize that the evil being done to the Jews is being answered with silence -- nothing is being done by people who could stop it, and noting...


Additionally, neither man is content the lump all the responsibility for the Holocaust on the Germans, or even Hitler. Whereas Kaplan sees the leaders and political alignments of all of Europe as contributing factors, Eliezer notices the betrayal of friends and family for seemingly selfish acts of survival.

Overall, both books contribute significantly to the history of the Holocaust. Doubtlessly, Kaplan would have received some level of satisfaction to know that his diary escaped and survives today. Meanwhile, Wiesel's reflection and account has provided for future generations an intimate and emotional link to one of the darkest chapters of human history.

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