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Classicism manifested itself in the 18th century. There are five references used for this paper.

There have been a number of cultural styles over the last centuries from Baroque to Classicism to Romanticism. It is interesting to look at Classicism and determine how it manifested itself in the 18th century.


In order to determine the 18th century's manifestation of Classicism, it is important to understand what the term means. Classicism, or Neo-Classicism is used to "characterize the culture of 18th-century Europe, and contrasted with 19th-century Romanticism (unknown, Classicism)." In "art, music, and literature, it is a style that emphasizes the qualities traditionally considered characteristic of ancient Greek and Roman art, that is, reason, balance, objectivity, restraint, and strict
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adherence to form (unknown, Classicism)."


Ludwig van Beethoven demonstrated Classicism during the end of his life with his string quartets. Beethoven first earned the respect of the Viennese people as a virtuoso pianist.

His piano compositions illustrate "the growth and deepening of his musical personality from the brilliant showmanship of the early works, to the quirky imagination of the 'Diabelli' (McLellan, J03)."

"graceful, elegant sample of Classicism at its peak is Beethoven's First String Quartet, Op. 18, No. 1 in F (McLellan, J03)." Beethoven emphasized togetherness as deeper expression and freedom began to materialize in the 18th century.


Architecture was also influenced by Classicism, which followed the Baroque and Rococo styles of the period. In the early 17th-century…

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