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Reduction of Energy Consumption Among Corporations

The following are suitable ways to lower energy consumption

Encouraging reuse and recycling of waste materials.

Installing solar systems to provide alternative source of energy.

Having in place efficient manufacturing systems and machines that demand lesser energy than outdated models.

Harnessing of wind energy.

Change from the traditional bulbs to the light emitting diode (LED) bulbs that consume far much less.

The corporations need to instill in their employees the value of unplugging or switching off all appliances that are not being used especially when closing office for the night or for long holidays.

All energy consuming appliances need to be serviced regularly to make them more efficient, for instance the aid conditioners in the offices.

Corporations need to make their buildings as insulated as possible to help cut down on the heating costs (Pace University, 2000).

Having shade trees and painting of houses with white color helps cut down the energy used for cooling the buildings.

10. Corporations need to encourage car pooling among their staff members, particularly those who depend on company transport to get home (Natural Resources...


The solar source will also provide uninterrupted power to the establishment during the sunny seasons or in regions where the sun is in abundance unlike the geothermal or fossil sources whose supply may go down often or fluctuate in supply. This means that the solar systems are not only beneficial to the natural environment but also profitable to the business of the corporations. However, the initial cost of installing the solar system is prohibitive hence many corporations avoid it or only install such system in part of their establishments across the region or the globe. The solar system may also fail to supply uninterrupted power for intended use during the long winter seasons where there is no sun for months.

The recycling of waste material that a company produces will require much lesser energy than when processing the initial raw material. This will also lead to lesser waste material ending up in water bodies and the environment, chocking the ecosystem. However, one challenge is that getting back the recyclable materials that the corporation might want to recycle could be difficult since limited quantities…

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