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¶ … Obama energy policy in relation to the economy of the United State of America's 21st century economy. It begins with a general description of the policies and then proceeds and outlines the various elements of the policy. After the analysis the paper then presents the criticisms that are waged against the policy. A conclusions and recommendations are then presented at the end of the paper. These are geared towards coming up with a perfect energy plan for America in order to safeguard its citizens from the various eminent dangers associated with a poorly formulated energy policies. For a long time America has seen great difficulties. One of them is their overdependence on Oil. Their overdependence on oil has threatened National security and Economy globally. Severally, Washington DC has not been able to solve the situation due to special interests and political interference through which politicians trick American citizens during elections of solving the problem which they actually don't. American politics has declined due to the oil problem because the results of inaction have become severe. What is to be done should be done openly and fast enough in order to change the whole ranging from improved cars, reduced fuel consumption both in industries and at home.

The Milestones that have been achieved by the Obama administration

It has about thirty five years since the former U.S. president categorically pointed out that the U.S. government's main goal should be to strive in meeting its own energy needs so as to avoid its reliance on energy sources from foreign countries. It is a fact that even the concept of energy security is one that cannot elude the mind of the whole America. The severe oil crisis of last year has contributed to a rapid increase in the level of consumer awareness regarding the need for an efficient energy policy coupled with a better climate change policies.

The Green Objective

Following the various challenges that occurred in the U.S. energy sectors in the last couple of years, the U.S. President Obama's administration launched a spirited work aimed at achieving the best energy policy for the people of America. Among their top priorities are the energy and the climate change issues. In his inaugural speech Obama clearly stated that "We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories"

In order for solutions to be met it would require more than political trickery and over consumption of resources. This would require a united effort between the government, businesses and the entire American people. America has been able to defeat several difficulties & under a good leadership there is no doubt that the Obama government bears the resources, strength and focus to establish a refined economy supported by clean and protected energy.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a defined energy plan that would relief low income families. The plan calls the nation to face some of the biggest difficulties as; beating America's dependence on imported oil, speaking on moral, economic and environmental problems that include climate change globally and the construction of clean energy future that would profit all Americans.

The Obama-Biden plan would make it possible for a fast service at the pump. It would assist in creation of five million jobs by skillfully investing $150billion over the next 10 years that would motivate private efforts to create a clean energy future. It would save more oil than America currently imports from both the Middle East and Venezuela. One million plug-in Hybrid cars that could speed 150 miles per gallon would be built in America by 2015; according to the plan. It would make sure that 10% of Americas electricity came from renewable sources by 2012 and 25% by 2025. It would carry out an economy cap-and-trade program to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

The American President Barack Obama plan demands relief for the citizens of America who is suffering the effects of regulatory loopholes which has enabled a serious commerce and has also led to the increase of crude oil prices in the commodity futures market. The mid-to-long-term solutions that the plan proposes are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, eradicating America's foreign oil dependence and also to boost their


The plan also demands that the tax rebate to be fully paid for by profits of oil companies. The proposals of President Obama which are mid-to-long-term present six strategies that President Obama calls economic, environmental and moral. The strategies presented by the proposals are: lowering the use and cost of energy, to advocate for the sources of energy that are domestic, to improve the efficiency of fuel in vehicles, to focus on diversifying the energy sources of America, to improve and focus on climate change and also to invest in a green energy economy so as to create 5 million employment opportunities.

In the renewable and sustainable energy industry, President Obama demand an investment worth 150 billion dollars over the next ten years which is aimed at creating five million green job opportunities. The investment is also made in energies that are renewable, bio-fuels for the next generation, coal plants that are of low emission, plug-in vehicles and America's electric grid modernization. The investment is also focused on a clean manufacturing program, training of the youth.

The implementation of a cap-and- trade program to minimize the carbon footprints to lower than 1990 levels will all be addressed by climate change. The cap -- and trade concept comes from a microeconomic theory and it is seen as an alternative to direct regulation in which each company would be allocated its own carbon dioxide share and allowance and also equal to its discharge to the atmosphere. The companies that managed to come into the cap would have an excess room in which they could sell to other firms that needed the excess room. The idea behind this theory is that having to pay pollution would give a company motivation to reduce pollution.

A part of the income got from the trade and cap program which will be about 15 billion dollars will channeled and used in the improvement and development of efficiency and clean energy, protection of wildlife programs and also bio-fuels that are for the next generation. The initiative also calls borrowing the partnership and leadership of America with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in trying to convince the third world countries to reduce and minimize the emissions of greenhouse gas.

The effectiveness of fuels on vehicles will increase by requesting vehicles makers to increase the economies of fuel by 4% yearly and also to emphasize on the improvement and development of autos that are advanced through the investment in the bio-fuel development, authorizing the increase of sale and manufacture of flex fuel vehicle, establishment of a low carbon fuel standard to speed the use of low carbon fuels, and to spread infrastructure.

The layout also demands on the improvement of domestic energy sources by motivating the increase of production of oil through the implementation of a policy known as 'use it or lose it' towards companies with land and also offshore drill, speeding the building of the natural gas pipeline in Alaska and using of presently oil fields.

The country's sources of energy that are diversified will be achieved by promoting the usage of bio-fuels that are renewable, nuclear energy that are safe and clean coal technology. The plan also proposes that 10% of the country's energy will be derived from sources renewable by the year 2012.

The plan also proposes demands for weatherizing the homes of Americans who are low income earners so as to save money on electricity bills therefore setting a federal efficiency standard and a national building efficiency, the development and improvement of green commodities, and the efficient use of energy by the federal government.

The proposals will help the nation to close and prevent energy industry market gap and loopholes and increase transparency to prevent traders from unfairly lining up their pockets while hiking the prices of oil at the expense of the Americans. The proposals will help Americans increase and improve their economy standards on fuel to 4% yearly while on the other hand providing4 billion dollar domestic vehicle makers to reorganize their manufacturing facilities to produce these autos in America. Since the autos can fetch up to 150 million per gallon President Obama believes that they should work to prevent the vehicles from being built in factories overseas but in America.

The proposal is also aimed at achieving the reduction of carbon pollution which threatens the nation's climate and also to sustain their dependence on fossil fuel. Pollutants like nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide and other emissions that are harmful have had…

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