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Propaganda and Mass Media

It is possible to say that modern propaganda could never exist without mass media because the very nature of propaganda in times requires widespread, rapid dissemination, which is only possible through a massive media structure. Internet, films, television, literature -- all of these assist in the spread of information designed for public consumption.

Moreover, when it is considered that most media corporations have overlapping boards of directorates with other corporations (mobile phones, military-industrial, food items) and ties to banking and government cartels, it becomes clear that the media is the tool of the big business. Big business wants to stay in business and the main way to do that in the modern era is to control the market by controlling the consumers. Advertising is a form of propaganda that did not really take off until the 20th century when Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, realized that "sex" truly does help sell products. Thus, Bernays made propaganda "sexy" for a modern...


News is delivered 24/7 and is essentially controlled by the same mass media boards of directors sitting on all the other corporate committees. The news is geared towards a particularly political, social or business aim, and has little to do with reality. Thus, one can go to an alternative media source, like Russia Today, and see the "other side" of the "news" that one does not see in Western mainstream mass media. The point is that mass media controls the flow of modern propaganda by being everywhere and representing the interests of powerful business and political entities.

If one looks closely at the message being delivered in mass media, one sees that it is always politically, economically, socially, or ideologically motivated. Commercials, for example, are meant to sway the viewer to believe that a certain product will provide happiness -- but one sees that such happiness is based on a materialistic ideology in which consumption of goods and services is the ladder to earthly paradise. News media will attempt to tell stories that put certain groups in bad lights and others in good lights (Fox News is notorious for this sort of reporting), but the motive is always clear: groups that assist or help support the neo-Zio-conservative establishment are always promoted and everyone else is shunned, ridiculed or ignored. This sort of propaganda could not exist without mass media, because Fox News is a…

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