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¶ … Shift Work in the Hospital

The shift work is a term used to define the situation where the employees work in recurring periods with each team of employees coming in doing the same work as the previous team that might have left. It is a mode that is adopted in most work places that cannot have their doors closed to the public as a matter of necessity due to the services that they provide. Such establishments like the police, hospitals, army establishments and such critical institutions have a long history of operating round the clock hence necessitating the sift work arrangements so that the clients are well served. However, with continued globalization, many other forms of businesses have shifted to the 24 hours operations and in that case the shift work schedules. The pressure that has been increasing by the time on most businesses to deliver more goods and services to a wider clientele that seems to be having lesser time to wait as was before has contributed immensely to the increased shift work across the U.S. And even other developed nations.

However, with the increasing fame of the shift work to boost the capacity to meet demand there are consequences that come alongside it. There are challenges that the organizations, management, employees and even the government agencies face in line with these shift. Of particular interest...


It is also associated with ulcers, stomach problems and depression. The diseases could come as a result of the change in lifestyle occasioned by the shifts and yet others could be due to our biology. When an individual is used to exercising daily and the suddenly he has to change that due to the work schedule that starts at 5pm through the night, he will definitely miss the exercises hence exposing him to the cardiovascular diseases. The individual will also be prone to resorting to junk food in the middle of the night hence possible predisposition to diabetes.

The hospital shifts will also lead to depression since the individual will be alone and lonely most of the time in the health facility. This shift will also dissociate him from the family members and the social circle he was used to. Instead he will be sending the better time of his night going round to attend to sick people and sitting in his office when there are no patients who need attention. When the individual goes home in the morning, he will want to catch some sleep due to night fatigue. This is a redundant schedule that can make one get into depression as he will be having no social life. In…

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