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Asher, Emma, Huck Finn, they all have a mentor at some point in their lives. Huck is guided by Jim, who although described like a child who needs constant guidance (like all the slaves were thought to be in that time), is often sounding like the voice of reason. Asher is helped to follow his love for art by his mother first, then the Rebbe steps in and brings him under the guidance of Jakob Kahn, an experienced and famous artist who will act as his final mentor.

The protagonists in all three novels are very strong willed, intelligent young people who are willing to sacrifice a lot for their personal freedom and for their right to remain true to themselves. They are prepared to go a long way to find their vocation or the meaning of their life. Although...


Huck risks his own safety to save Jim, the runaway slave who became his friend. Beside her own satisfaction for a good deed, Emma is genuinely interested in the well being of those around her, regardless of their social status. And finally, the child Asher understands his mother's need to be beside his father and lets her go to Vienna.

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