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Human Resources

It is very important for an human resources director in the modern age of human resources and internet technology to understand that while paper-based resumes and applications as well as face-to-face-only contacts are not dead and gone as a common practice, the advent and advancement of the Internet as a job seeking and hiring mechanism cannot be denied and the phenomenon is never going to go away. It will simply expand and evolve as time goes on and taking this challenge head on would and should include the proper understanding, implementation and administration of a solid HRIS system such as PeopleSoft. The author of this report will offer thoughts on three major topics. Those topics, in the order in which they will be covered, will be e-recruiting, self-service technology and e-learning/training (Coronas & Oliva, 2005)(Gueutal & Stone, 2005).


Part and parcel of all the three major topics in this report is the overall risk management process and the tradeoffs and risks of using a given approach over another. While cost is a major concern it should never be the only one and considerations such as efficacy and risks of taking a certain approach should always be considered (Coronas & Oliva, 2005)(Gueutal & Stone, 2005).

The author of this report did learn a great deal about e-recruiting during the course of the class. The practice and use of e-recruiting is a valuable and indispensable tool for recruiting in the modern job landscape. However, there are several caveats that a human resources director would have to understand. First, while it is not impossible to get a good fix for the quality of an applicant by looking at an online profile or email, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting or even a phone conversation for getting a feeling for how good and sharp the person is. Even a face-to-face or phone call is not perfect, but screening out applicants based on an online resume or profile is far from being an exact science but it's a necessary evil in today's online society. However, the positives are that employers can expand their reach of who they can find greatly and they can indeed review a good number of applicants quite quickly in short order. Resources that can be used in an organization include job pages on corporate websites or even farming it out to sites like Monster and CareerBuilder. A third recruiting tool would be networking sites like LinkedIn. The latter allows for recruiting of people that are either not actively job-searching and/or for jobs that are not publicly posted (Coronas & Oliva, 2005)(Gueutal & Stone, 2005).

Self-Service Technology

Self-service technology is a great tool for human resources directors as well as it allows people to help themselves rather than relying on others for tasks such as direct deposit changes, pay stub retrieval and personal information updates. Human resources directors should understand that self-service technology and tactics are a boon to saving them time but there are situations and people that require a human touch, even if it's remote, and embracing/helping people that require help…

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