Humanity And Its Perception Of Normalcy And Book Report

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¶ … humanity and its perception of normalcy and "goodness." Society shuns numerous individuals are shunned and excludes them from everyday life because people do not respect nor appreciate them, and this sometimes has to do solely on look and other shallow things like what they wear and how much money they have. Here, Frankenstein began as an outcast. He was born as such a freak; he no longer had the possibility of being normal, of belonging.

Frankenstein is a monster. Monsters are a reviled aspect of story and legend. They are instantly seen as evil. Therefore, even if Frankenstein wanted to be good, none of his actions would dissuade society's view of him. To them, he nothing more than a mistake that must be corrected. I felt the hopeless of Frankenstein. I also felt the lack of acceptance he felt when he recognized what he was and whom he is.

To people who see Frankenstein roam the streets, he is a dark shadow, a monster of evil nature stalking its prey at night. When I read the last words of the quote, it made me feel sad. This is because I know deep down...


It strives for ideal.

2. Revenge, people feel this when they are desperate, angry, and hurt. Frankenstein did not ask his make to form him. Nor did he desire anything other than to feel loved and belong, that is why he asked for a mate. However, when faced with the painful reality of his limitations and the restrictions cast upon him at birth, it makes sense that all he has left is his revenge. Revenge is ultimately, what is left when someone is greatly hurt emotionally. I know I have not reached that point yet, but if I were to, I would understand why. It takes a great deal of suffering for someone to enact revenge. Frankenstein could not take the burden of existing without taking some of that pain out on his creator.

Victor knew what he was doing when he made Frankenstein. He chose to make him. Frankenstein did not have a say in the matter. He was merely a product of an experiment. Frankenstein senses the cruelty in this and seeks to justify it.

Quotes and Literary Terms Explained

"What became of me? I know not; I lost sensation, and chains and darkness were the only objects that pressed upon me. Sometimes, indeed, I dreamt that I wandered in flowery meadows and pleasant vales with the friends of my youth . . . (Shelley, 138)" The use of nature in this quote is a way to contain and describe through metaphor, the connection of Victor and his sanity to the ever fleeting nature in his environment. Nature acts as a way for him to stay sane. It is what he…

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