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¶ … hypothetical situation with a toothpaste company where the job at hand is to encourage the advertising and production groups to promote and manufacture the toothpaste more effectively. The rub is that none of the people involved are direct reports to the person answering this hypothetical question and the sources of power that do exist despite this are to be defined and clarified. Sources of Power

One source of power is being infectiously positive and upbeat about the job and, as an extension, being committed to doing one's job with pride and attention to detail. If the overall culture and standard of excellence is kept at a high level and it's not enforced through authoritarian rules by people that do have power or micromanagement by people that do or do not have any official power, then it can be clear to the witnesses of this optimism and pride in one's work that the motive is not to boss people...


This is a source of power because even though the optimism is not coming from a manager or executive with direct control, it still influences the people who witness it to react to the person as if they do have power (Welty, 2013).
Another source of power is being knowledgeable and well-versed in how to do one's job well. Even with no overt power is exerted, people that are newer or that want to be as informed and adept as the more experienced person will gravitate to the person that knows their stuff. They will ask questions and will act as a bit of a sponge to the person that is willing and/or able to communicate what they know to others. This is true of both coworkers and clients and it can and should be wielded as an advantage. However, it should be managed and controlled as too much gravitation and reliance…

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