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Community: The Iliad

Although much of the Iliad focuses on the soldiers who are battling outside the walls of Troy, a significant part of the reading of this work occurs within the city or within the Greek camp and shows the soldiers in context of their own communities. This work in writing will choose one figure either Trojan or Greek and explain how he fits into the community and the role that is played by this individual in relation to other people in his side of the conflict. For the purpose of this study the role of the Greek individual will be chosen for examination.

Greek Community

Honor and glory are reported in the work of Texin (2004) to be "central to the Greek character." (p. 1) In fact, Texin (2004) reports that...


(p. 1) Glory was realized by the Greek individual through "great, heroic actions and deeds." (Texin, 2004, p. 1) Major battles such as that in the Iliad made provision of the opportunity for the realization of glory. Texin reports that honor, while "similar to glory" the maintenance of a "sense of person honor" on the part of the individual "did not always coincide with honor as defined or perceived by the masses." (2004, p. 1) Honor was realized through not only being heroic in battle but as well through speechmaking that was compelling in nature as well as through "loyalty and other noble qualities a person might demonstrate." (Texin, 2004, p. 1) when the Greek individual possessed honor and glory they were enabled to attain influence in their community and society. In the Iliad, an argument occurs over the possibility of a retreat during which a respected fighter, Odysseus states that it is "disgraceful…

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